A New Creative Catalyst & A New Series Starting This Friday


Back in early June I invited a dear friend of mine to join me for a long weekend in Sedona.  This wasn’t a girl’s get-a-way, except I must admit we had our share of margaritas.  This wasn’t even a vacation.

I brought Natasha Reilly to Sedona for our very first work retreat together, because that’s how we roll here at Dirty Footprints Studio.  I haven’t mentioned it publicly yet, because in all truth, Natasha and I have been so busy working on new exciting projects — that I just haven’t found a moment to share the great news that Natasha is now a part of the Dirty Footprints Studio team.


Last year, my dear Hali Karla who was the Creative Director of 21 SECRETS since 2014 had shared that after 21 SECRETS Tools and Techniques it would be time for her to resign and pour all her attention and love into her own business and offerings. As much as I hated to see her go, I was happy and excited that Hali was ready to take this next step and embrace her true calling wholeheartedly.

I was also excited to reclaim my position as creative director of 21 SECRETS again and the upcoming 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color! that we’ll be announcing on Wednesday, August 17th is my inauguration back into this wonderful position of curating and gathering artists together.


I will share that when Hali put in her resignation, my intuition immediately started scratching at me to bring Natasha aboard.  But the crazy thing is that I wasn’t interested in hiring another Creative Director and so I decided to wait and listen to what Dirty Footprints Studio wanted.

What is very important to me as a business is not how large I can get or how far my reach can go — but rather how meaningful of an impact my work can make onto an individual’s heart, life, and creativity. 

I knew that the next person I invited into the Dirty Footprints Studio team would be bringing a new layer of love, creativity, and dedication to not only my business — but most especially the wonderful people we are blessed to serve here at Dirty Footprints Studio.


Today I wish to introduce you to Natasha Reilly, whom I affectionally call Tashie.

She is the new Creative Catalyst for 21 SECRETS here at Dirty Footprints Studio and you can expect to see much more of her as she stirs up magic and throws inspiration around like stardust on the 21 SECRETS playground as well as here on the blog.

One of the projects I am ridiculously super excited to be creating with Tashie is called Art Journal Jam and our first episode airs this Friday, July 29th.


Art Journal Jam will be a weekly video series that airs every Friday here at Dirty Footprints Studio for FREE!

Yes, that’s correct — FREE! FREE! FREE! There’s nothing you need to sign up for — except I highly recommend subscribing to my blog posts using the sign up form below.  That will insure that you never miss an episode!

The whole intention behind Art Journal Jam is to not only inspire more people to art journal — but to help you (and us) stay accountable to our creative practice as well.

Tashie and I hope that you give yourself this gift each week of joining us for an Art Journal Jam where you’ll get to look over our shoulders as we art journal and listen in as we chat about what’s stirring in our hearts and in our studios that week! Plus, we have a pretty amazing list of special guest artists that will be jamming with us in months to come.

And it’s FREE! You got that, right? It’s FREE!

So you are warmly invited to join us for our very first Art Journal Jam this Friday! You won’t want to miss it! It’s going to be loads of fun!

Plus, be sure to follow me on Instagram where I’ve been sharing sneak peeks into our jams the whole week!

See you on Friday!


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