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Welcome! Every Tuesday and Thursday Tonia Jenny, the 21 SECRETS Creative Director & Course Manager, interviews one of the talented teachers in our 21 SECRETS program for an Artist Spotlight.

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Hi there, Artistic Seeker!

21 SECRETS Face Time is here! [massive crowd applause] Have you gathered up your supplies?

Today’s magical Spotlight Artist is Sylwia Gryczuk (a.k.a., Tandiart). Her Face-Time lesson, In a Magical World of Fairies, I find delightful because it truly encourages you to create from an innocent, childlike place. I admire Sylwia’s sweet faces on Instagram regularly and am so excited she’s sharing her process for creating them with us! Let’s see what else she has to share here.

What is your earliest memory of a creative activity you enjoyed?

I remember that every time when I was bored during class in primary school, I was doodling and imaginary characters were showing up on the covers of my assignments/notebooks. I think I was seven around that time.

How are the things you value most in life reflected in what you create?

I love to be optimistic, live life in the best colors and to find my inner-child even in everyday activities. I think my choice of bright colors in my artwork and the fairytale theme of my paintings truly reflect my life values 🙂

What do you wish you gave yourself more time to explore?

I have never gotten enough of looking at children and observing how they operate. I just love their innocence and the way they don’t overthink things. Kids’ drawings and the way they play games truly inspires me and my artwork.

What is the one thing you hope we remember from your workshop?

Being playful, finding the inner-child within who loves to let things go and explore.

When are you most courageous?

When someone challenges my values, when there is no fairness and respect in treating other human beings.

I think most of us can relate to filling our school notebooks more with doodles than with class notes, right?

It’s wonderful Sylwia still carries that spirit with her today. Let’s all get out our crayons right now! . . .

💜 Tonia

About Sylwia

My name is Sylwia Gryczuk (TandiArt) and I am a self-taught artist, originally from Poland but currently live and create in the small village of Moylough in evergreen Ireland. My creative journey started in 2012, when I created TandiArt studio (one of my rooms converted into art space). In this little studio of mine, I pour my whole heart onto white canvas and pages to transform them into something happy and soulful:). I am very passionate about different mixed-media projects such as watercolor illustrations, mixed-media paintings, art journaling and home decoration. I am in love with things with wings and magical creatures such as fairies and unicorns. I find inspiration in children’s stories, their drawings and old fairy tales. When I create, my child within takes over and plays with color, texture and mark. I believe that every each of us has a hidden creative and innocent child within; sometimes we just need to take time to look for her and not to afraid to let her take over.


Sylwia is teaching In a Magical World of Fairies in 21 SECRETS Face Time

In this lesson, we will combine watercolors with acrylic to create a whimsical portrait of a fairy girl in her enchanted magical garden! We will learn how to build a detailed background and how to paint a magical face using different mediums.

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