Space Just Opened In Paint FEARLESS Sedona

Sedona 2

There’s been a cancellation in my Paint FEARLESS Sedona retreat that has been sold out for months now and I’m wondering….maybe it has your name on it!?

Just like me –artists flock to Sedona for her majestic views, inspiring sunsets, and spiritual pull. I don’t know how it happens exactly, but Sedona has this magical way of breaking artists open so their most authentic and juicy expression can come flowing through.

I love Sedona with all my heart and that’s why I’ve been hosting annual retreats there since 2009!

At Paint FEARLESS Sedona we will:

  • explore your unique visual language through building a body of work.
  • take creative risks that will breathe life into your paintings and expand the way you look at your art.
  • identify & excavate the intuitive narrative that is the life force of your art.
  • soak in Sedona’s landscape and discover fun ways to document and use it as inspiration.
  • learn practical tools, techniques, and approaches to creating art with gusto and confidence.
  • embrace a sense of adventure in your painting practice.
  • experience a week of living, breathing, and navigating the world as the artist you were called to be.

You will leave Paint FEARLESS Sedona feeling renewed, inspired, and ready to embrace the world as the artist you truly are.

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