Art Journal Jam :: Episode 1


Grab your art journal.
Throw some paint onto a palette.
Set up your iPhone / iPad / PC /Mac / or what-have-you nearby
and then shimmey on down below and hit play on the video.

Today we’re gonna jam.  Art Journal Jam!

Tashie and I are beyond excited to finally release our very first episode of Art Journal Jam today and honey bun, this stuff is goooooooooood!  So good you’re gonna want to join us every Friday — and you can! We are making it a weekly thang– so be sure to sign up for blog notifications in the form below and you can make Art Journal Jam your weekly thang too!

And because all Tashie and I want to do is have a ridiculous amount of fun and spread the art journal love around —

Art Journal Jam is FREE! FREE! FREE!


What is Art Journal Jam?

Simply put it’s Tashie and I coming together every Friday to chat about creativity, art, life, sharks, hotties, health care reform, and whatever else strikes our fancy as we art journal along and let you peek over our shoulders and listen in!

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone.  Art journaling is awesome like that!

Why are we doing this?

Because we believe art journaling and conversations can make the world a better place and we are really hoping you will join our jam by a.) art journaling along and b.) sharing what you create over on Instagram by tagging it with the hashtag #artjournaljam.

How do I start jamming?

Scroll down and hit play on the video below. It’s pretty easy peasy. And then just start art journaling along with us.  There’s no supply list — use what you got! Or better yet, invite your girlfriends over and use what they got too!

We’re committed to every Friday…what about you?

The world is a nutty, crazy place and we all need a safe space to let it all go and nourish our Souls.  Tashie and I are committed to showing up each Friday to art journal jam with you and we would love it if you would commit too — that way together we can create more art and open conversations in the world — more connection and less fear.  Sound good?  Then sign up for blog notifications in the form below before you leave — that way we can help you stay committed! You deserve this time to art journal.  You really, really do.

Our first episode is a little wonky, but it’s so much fun who gives a #$*&!

Hey! We just wanted to let you know that there’s a few slight technical things that are a little wonky in this first episode — such as that my art journal gets out of focus sometimes and Tashie’s is coming from an awkward angle.  Please excuse the wonkiness — each episode gets better and better.  Promise.

Now let’s jam…

Because we love you, here’s some show notes for your link clicking needs…

Don’t forget to sign up for blog notifications below — we’ll see you next Friday!


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