When I Finally Listened

May 30, 2016

I was devoted to this painting for a few straight months. The last time I spoke of Her HERE on Dirty Footprints Studio she was much larger. Much, much larger. But the larger she got, the heavier she felt.


This Is The Part That Is Hard To Explain

Mar 22, 2016

There’s a sporting goods store in our neighborhood that is going out of business and everything in it is discounted and next to dirt cheap. When Hansel and I heard this, there was only one thing that popped in our minds: kayaks.

The week we purchased them we went out kayaking every single day! I think we burned ourselves out a bit on it — but who would have known that kayaking could be so much freaking fun!

Though the thing is, I don’t approach kayaking like a normal person I expect. To me, I see this sport as a way of truly connecting deeper with my spirit, nature, my family, and most of all my art.


How I Deal With Big

Mar 17, 2016

I started this FEARLESS® Painting back in February.

Since then I’ve been weaving a few projects together — like finalizing my upcoming workshop MOODY (coming out in 21 SECRETS Tools & Techniques), preparing for POETIC in West Palm Beach, and I’ve even been working on my third annual Painting The Feminine coming out this May.

So slowly and steadily this painting has been evolving.


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