Little Things

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Let's Create Little Things Together!

Oil pastels have been a part of my creative practice ever since I was an itty bitty.  I love to draw with them daily and include oil pastels in all of my mixed-media pieces as well.

There's nothing I create that doesn't have the mark of an oil pastel on it.

Oil pastels help define my style and voice as an artist. They bring grittiness to my bold color palette and expressiveness to my marks.

In Little Things I share with you my non-traditional approach to using oil pastels while grounding my lessons in practical techniques and theory that will transform the way you think about drawing and mixed-media art making.


Here's what you'll learn In Little Things

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  • My intuitive, non-traditional approach to drawing with oil pastels.  We focus on feeling our way through a drawing -- rather than thinking, thinking, thinking!
  • How to incorporate bold, wild color as well as work with blending techniques for more naturalistic color.
  • Texture! Texture! Texture!
  • Expressive mark-making.
  • A look at how to grow larger in scale.
  • Seven different creative invitations/prompts for fusing the little things in your day into your art.
  • Ways to make oil pastels a part of your own personal style and artistic voice.


As a special BONUS in Little Things, you also receive my
mini-workshop OIL & WATER that is part of the Connie Bundle.

OIL & WATER Description:

I’ve been in a ménage à trois with oil pastels and watercolors for decades now. I just can’t get enough of these two materials together, especially in my art journal.

In OIL & WATER I invite you to join my sizzling love affair as I share with you how to combine oil pastels and watercolor into abstract figures. Though I need to warn you —this technique is addictive, it might become more than just a fling!



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