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Connie Bundle

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Imagine I show up at your studio with a suitcase of supplies & ready to play -- that's the connie bundle!

I like to keep my creative practice fresh and exciting by dancing between the mediums I love most:

paint, oil pastel, ink, graphite,
charcoal, and collage.

In the Connie Bundle I share my art-making madness through ten mini-workshops that address my favorite supplies, shed light on my go-to techniques, and are packed full of creative wisdom to keep you inspired and creating art that is unique and juicy.

By joining the Connie Bundle you not only receive unlimited access to all ten self-guided workshops, but you instantly become a treasured member of the Paint Wisdom Studio where you can share your work and receive supportive feedback from an amazing community of fellow artists!

Let's Make Art Together -- Here are Ten Delicious Ways!

If a few/all of the workshops below seem familiar, that's
because they were originally included in my 21 SECRETS series (2009-2019). 

Emerging Faces


All the cells in my body began to sizzle with delight the first time I used a Tombow Dual Brush Pen. It wasn’t so much the use of the marker itself that caused my glee, but the water-soluble properties of ink.

Years later, I still get goosebumps watching lines dissolve into washes with the stroke of a wet brush.

In Emerging Faces, I combine my beloved grey-scale Tombows with my obsession for creating faces that are mysterious and moody into one juicy workshop.


Random Bits Of Pattern

Wheatpasted on the streets of Oaxaca City, Mexico are political woodcuts handmade by artists. Don’t tell anyone, but every-now- and-then I scratch a tiny bit off and slap it into my sketchbook. I love to use these random bits of pattern to inspire my drawings.

In Random Bits of Color I’m bringing the random bits of pattern to you! Together we will create our own pattern sheets that we’ll rip up and glue down as our foundation to spark our imagination and create bold, black-and-white ink drawings.


Studio Treasures

I love to use watercolor sketching as a way of capturing objects, places and moments from my everyday life. So why not use it in capturing those wonderful studio treasures we all adore — ART SUPPLIES!

In this workshop we’re going to gather the supplies we treasure most in our studio and elevate their importance by creating a painting purely in their honor.

I’ll show you how to use a Tombow Dual Brush pen as your sketching tool and an easy way to simplify your drawing and create an interesting composition using frames.



I started collaging on transparent substrates purely for the joy of discovering what insightful messages would appear on the other side once I was finished. Two decades later, I still use this fabulous technique any time I need a dose of clarity, guidance or healing.

In Two-Sided, we create a body of two-sided collages using a painterly approach and welcoming the surreal and strange to show up and play.

Oil & Water

Oil & Water

I’ve been in a ménage à trois with oil pastels and watercolors for decades now. I just can’t get enough of these two materials together, especially in my art journal.

In OIL & WATER I invite you to join my sizzling love affair as I share with you how to combine oil pastels and watercolor into abstract figures. Though I need to warn you —this technique is addictive, it might become more than just a fling!

For The Love Of Pods


I have an obsession with pods. I collect them. I paint them. People give them to me as gifts and I go full on gaga over them!

In For The Love Of Pods I share with you my obsession and invite you to find one natural element in your environment (a leaf, an interesting twig, a rock, an abandoned nest, etc) and begin a relationship with it in your art journal using mixed-media and the grayscale.




In FLOW & Disrupt we’re going to strap on our FEARLESS® Painter aprons and throw ourselves a creative curveball...simply to see what magic is waiting for us on the other side of chaos.

Sound a little scary?

The truth is this workshop is all about finding our sweet spot and understanding what it is we need as artists to actually stay in the flow.




In imPERFECT we channel our attention inward — nestling right behind the parts of ourselves that are asking for our most sincere love and attention.

Then we’ll allow this mysterious inner landscape to guide our creative expression.

In imPERFECT we are painting our bodies from the inside out. Expect things to get exaggerated, wonky, imPERFECT.



Pull out your brightest paints, dust off your biggest brushes, and take a deep breath...

Because baby, we’re going BOLD.

In BOLD we ooze paint onto our pages, make marks that scare the gajeebers out of us, and venture into creative messes with just enough curiosity and humor so that no one gets harmed.



I like to think that my moodiness is just part of my charm. If others would agree or not is another story. But when it comes to making art, being moody always works in my favor.

In MOODY we will explore and use charcoal, graphite, a limited palette, and a handy-dandy kneaded eraser to embrace our dark moods as well as expose our light.

Come Join All The Fun!

Blank 2000 x 2000

Here's What You Receive

  • Ten online mini-workshops that you can work through at your own pace and in the order that fits your fancy.
  • 15+ hours of instructional videos.
  • An intimate look into Connie Solera's creative process, including ways to transform her techniques and approaches into your own unique expression.
  • Valuable instruction on how to use and understand multiple art materials such as acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, Tombow dual-brush markers, water-soluble graphite, charcoal, oil pastels, and collage.
  • Private access to the Connie Bundle classroom where you can share your artwork, receive supportive feedback, and be inspired by fellow Connie Bundle students.


The Connie Bundle is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Please CONTACT US if you have a problem or need help.
We want you to be happy and make art!