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October 20 - 26, 2024 | Oaxaca City, Mexico | SOLD OUT!

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Also included in your PAINT registration are 2 group mentoring Zoom calls held for two hours at
4 PM PST / 7 PM EST on Monday, September 23rd and Monday October 7th.

we are going to live, breathe, dream, and eat painting.

PAINT is for artists that go all in.

PAINT is for artists that define Heaven as a whole week of painting
and being surrounded by other artists that love painting wholeheartedly.

PAINT is for artists that want me, Connie, to challenge, mentor,
and inspire them to rise up and make the art they’re longing to create.

PAINT is for artists that know there’s something deeper locked in their practice
and it’s time — time to sink in and make it happen.

PAINT is for artists that want to expand more and more into the artist
they are becoming — the one they feel in their bones.

PAINT is for artists that want to PAINT.


From January 2017 to January 2024 I hosted seventeen Paint FEARLESS® Mexico retreats — guiding over 125 women artists to paint more fearlessly and embrace adventure as we tour the beautiful streets, villages, and archaeological sites of Oaxaca, Mexico.  Every retreat I hosted felt like a gift and I would pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Though, in these last seven years, there's something I haven't spoken quite openly about. Something I've kept mostly to myself and shared only bits and pieces with my husband, bestie, and a few close friends.  That something is what happens after the last retreat attendee leaves and all the easels are packed away.

That something is when I set up studio in my little Oaxaca apartment and sink fully into my painting process — refusing to come up for air until it's time to fly back home.  I affectionately call this time "The Portal" and when I'm in The Portal my painting process takes on a whole new energy and meaning.

What's amazing to me, and hard to put into words, is that Oaxaca will reveal herself in ways that don't happen when I'm wearing a tourist hat and glasses. She'll do subtle things that will surprise and delight me and many times challenge the-fuck-out-of-me as well.

But no matter what mischief, magic, or mayhem she delivers — it's ALWAYS so I can hear my Artist Soul more clearly and sink deeper and deeper into the great unknown of my painting process.


This is why I love Oaxaca.  This is why I can't stay away.

This is also why I no longer am hosting my Paint FEARLESS® Mexico retreats. My era of leading tours peppered with studio time is over for me.  Oaxaca has become an icon that people all over the world are flocking to visit. Search the internet and you will find pages and pages of tours and programs that will show you all the must-see sights and great places for selfies.

But what if you're an artist like me that's simply not satisfied with just skimming the surface? What if you prefer to linger in the deeper currents?


What I've learned in the portal is that dedicated time to making art in Oaxaca and being around other artists IS the adventure of a lifetime for my Artist Soul.

And lately I have this overarching feeling that there are other artists seriously craving dedicated time to sink deeper into their process while being held by Oaxaca and whom too can benefit greatly from my experienced mentoring and guidance.

So this October 20 - 26, 2024 I am offering "PAINT" for 8 artists to join me who are serious about their painting practice and want to take it to a whole other level.

In PAINT it is totally up to you what you are going to work on and with what supplies you will use.  We will meet for two 2-hours mentoring Zoom calls prior to Oaxaca at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST on Monday, September 23rd and Monday, October 8th to discuss your intentions, supplies, and what ideas, themes, or concepts you wish to explore in PAINT. If there is something that has been stirring inside you to come out or be expressed fully — PAINT is definitely for you.

In Oaxaca expect to PAINT from the minute you wake-up till probably the moment you go to sleep. We'll stop for delicious meals, for one-on-one and group mentoring that will inspire, challenge, and support your body of work, and for some truly fabulous visits to artist studios, galleries, and museums. Basically we are going to live, breathe, dream, and eat painting.

PAINT is NOT an art vacation or retreat — this is an INTENSIVE For artists committed and serious about their painting practice.

Plus, instead of doing demos where I teach my techniques and approach to painting — I will be in the portal with you — making my own body of work and speaking candidly about my process as it unfolds. We're going in together, Babey!

Most importantly, you will leave PAINT with a body of work that you are happy with and has meaning, depth, and gets you excited to see what's next for your creative practice.  



Mentoring in PAINT starts before you even arrive in Oaxaca.  To help you decide on the theme/ concept/ intention and supplies for your body of work, we meet as a group on Zoom two times before PAINT begins.  Then in PAINT you can expect loads of one-on-one and group mentoring that will support and challenge you to bring your body of work to life, strengthen your skills, and make art with greater depth. As a mentor with 30 years of teaching experience, my greatness is meeting each artist where they are and helping them expand and grow into the artist they are becoming. I want you to leave with a body of work that feels fresh, alive, and full of new possibilities.


In PAINT your studio is located right outside your room with 24 hour access. We'll begin each day before breakfast with a guided painting practice. Then after breakfast the first half of the day is dedicated to workshops, painting, and mentoring.  After lunch, the second half of the day will include open studio and/or visits to contemporary Oaxacan artist studios, galleries, and museums. Each day will end with time to discuss and reflect on your body-of-work before heading off to dinner, a massage, a lovely walk around town, or simply more time in the studio.


In PAINT you will be immersed in a community of artists who too are serious and committed to their painting practice and eager to take it to the next level.  Our inspiring discussions will revolve around art, creativity, how to grow our body of work, and navigating the ebbs and flows of this beautiful Artist life. In PAINT I, Connie, will be lodging and working on my own body of work at the studio with you — so expect a good handful of late night paint sessions and intimate peeks into my painting practice as well. Not only am I your mentor at PAINT — but your painting peer as well.

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To replenish our creative juices and to learn about current ideas and approaches to Oaxaca painting, we'll be visiting the private studios of local painters and printmakers, plus checking out the latest exhibitions at the Oaxaca City museums and galleries. In PAINT you will meet contemporary artists and gallerists and learn what inspires and drives Oaxacan artists of today.


One of the best things about being in PAINT is that you don't have to worry about cooking! Expect to leave PAINT with a few extra pounds and feeling totally nourished.  My beloved cook will be making all of our breakfasts and lunches (including some pretty amazing desserts too!). Dinners are left open for savoring many of the incredible restaurants Oaxaca has to offer — I have recommendations up the gazoo! (Dinners NOT included.)

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My husband always says that Oaxaca is my lover and he's got that right!  I have been coming to Oaxaca twice a year since 2017 and every single time my painting process takes a meaningful shift and transforms my Artist Soul.  Oaxaca possesses a magic all of her own and in PAINT I will share with you the process I step into each time I paint in this mythic city. If you surrender yourself to Oaxaca's magic it will change you — I can promise you that!

PAINT is an INTENSIVE For artists serious about their painting practice & eager To Take It To THe Next level.


Zoom Group Mentoring Calls (2 Hours Each)

Monday, September 23rd. at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST
Monday, October 7th at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST

Sunday, October 20th

4PM - 6PM  Tapas, Orientation & Studio Set-Up

Monday, October 21 - Thursday, October 24

7 AM - 8 AM Guided Painting Practice
8 AM - 9:30 AM  Breakfast & Break
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Workshop / Mentoring / Painting
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch & Break
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Open Studio and/or Artist Visits, Museums, Galleries

Friday, October 25

7 AM - 8 AM Guided Painting Practice
8 AM - 9:30 AM  Breakfast & Break
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Workshop / Mentoring / Painting
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch & Break
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Visions & Closing

Saturday, October 26

10 AM Check-Out

Please note that the schedule above may shift slightly to support the innate flow of the group energy and to accommodate any unexpected things that may pop up.


We will be staying and painting in a private estate only blocks away from the bustling city square called the Zocolo.

We will be walking distance to everything, including fabulous restaurants, galleries, museums and the Frida Kahlo art store.

Each room comes with a single bed and a private bathroom. The studio is located right outside your room — you can roll out of bed and paint in your pj’s!

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OCTOBER 20 -26, 2024 | Oaxaca City, Mexico