Into The Heart

Into The Heart

April 3rd - June 5th, 2024 | Online Immersion | Registration Closed

A ten-weeks online immersion to create a powerful body of work, shed old skins, elevate your style, and rebirth your Artist Soul.

The heart is a treasure trove of life's memories, stories, desires, wounds, and grand dreams. But above all it's the dwelling place of the Artist Soul and the source of our most powerful and profound artwork.

In Into The Heart you'll embark on a ten-week journey to create a body of work that explores and expresses the heart space while cultivating a deeper connection to your creative practice. Through this immersive experience, you'll foster a genuine trust in your Artist Soul, allowing your creativity to flow more authentically and purposefully with every mark you make.

In this immersion, I'll lead you through my four phases of crafting a powerful body of work. Together we'll address and shed old narratives about being an artist, invigorate your creative practice, and discard outdated techniques or approaches that no longer align with the artist you're becoming.



Each of the ten learning modules in Into The Heart comprises approximately one hour of videos, audios, and written content, offering a weekly framework for approaching the creation of a body of work with greater meaning, intention, and joy.

Our focus in Into The Heart revolves around four key elements:

1.) CRAFTING A BODY OF WORK CENTERED ON A THEME, CONCEPT, OR INTENTION RELATED TO THE HEART SPACE, HOLDING SIGNIFICANT PERSONAL MEANING TO YOU AS THE ARTIST. All decisions regarding your body of work are yours to make. Connie provides her unique mentorship and guidance to help you trust your decision-making process, uncover the beauty and truth of your practice, and create art that pushes your creative boundaries into new territory.

2.) WORKING IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE STRENGTHS, GIFTS, NATURAL RHYTHMS, AND AESTHETICS OF YOUR CREATIVE PRACTICE. The focus is on embracing what ignites your passion as an artist and trusting your intuition. While the structure of Into The Heart is designed to integrate more discipline, intention, and wonder into your practice, embracing it fully is ultimately up to you.

3.) ADDRESSING ANY BELIEFS, HABITS, TECHNIQUES, OR APPROACHES TO ART-MAKING THAT NO LONGER SERVE THE ARTIST YOU ARE BECOMING. Through play, experimentation, risk-taking, and commitment, Into The Heart will help you shed old energy and rejuvenate your Artist Soul.

4.) DOCUMENTING YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS THROUGH THE USE OF A STUDIO LOG, PHOTOS, AND DISCUSSIONS. The aim is to cultivate awareness of the subtle meanings and symbolism in your work, and to articulate how it relates to a broader context. Through speaking and writing about your process with confidence, you'll not only have a body of work at the end of Into The Heart but also an artist statement to accompany it.


  • TEN WEEKLY LEARNING MODULES released every Wednesday, providing over 10 hours of videos, audios, and written content for your permanent access.
  • EIGHT NINETY-MINUTE ZOOM calls held on Wednesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST, featuring Q&A sessions, lively discussions, creative exercises, and guided visualizations. All calls are recorded and available for you to revisit. Attendance at the Zoom calls is optional, with our initial session starting on Wednesday, April 3rd. (CLICK HERE for time conversion.)
  • TWO NINETY-MINUTE CO-WORKING SESSIONS conducted via Zoom at 9am PST / 12pm EST on Wednesday, April 17th, and Wednesday, May 15th. These sessions offer a collaborative space for you and your peers to work simultaneously on your projects. Co-working sessions are informal, hosted by Connie's assistant, and are not recorded.
  • TEN WEEKLY EMAILS DELIVERED EVERY FRIDAY FILLED WITH INSPIRATION to fuel your engagement with your ongoing body of work.
  • TEN WEEKLY FORMAL CHECK-INS held within the Into The Heart classroom, where Connie will present reflective questions or prompts about the previous week's progress.
  • ACCESS TO A PRIVATE CLASSROOM where you can share your work and receive support, feedback, and guidance from both Connie and your peers.  The classroom will close on September 5th.

More Important Details

Let this spring mark the rebirth of your Artist Soul


  • Artists that feel there is something stirring inside them that needs to be expressed.  You recognize the need to push creative boundaries and seek this Immersion as a means of accountability and momentum.
  • Artists yearning for mentorship that cultivates authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability in their art. In 'Into The Heart' you'll receive structured guidance and mentorship to develop a body of work that not only enhances your creative practice but also fosters a deeper relationship with yourself as an artist. Your art will reflect, explore, and/or draw inspiration from themes that hold personal significance to you.
  • Artists who thrive in creative communities, relish soulful dialogues on art, and value moments of introspection to delve deeper into their creative process and its wider context. 'Into The Heart' caters to artists eager to evolve artistically, skillfully, and spiritually.
  • Artists that care very deeply about their creative practice.  You are comfortable working independently and are driven to refine your unique style, amplify your voice, and convey your Artist Soul through your art.


  • Artists at the beginner level. To participate, you should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in art-making under your apron and feel comfortable working independently.
  • Artists seeking technical instruction or aiming to emulate Connie's artistic style. Into The Heart is not a step-by-step program. Connie will NOT be sharing her techniques or doing painting demos.
  • Artists who solely turn to art as a means of coping with life's challenges or processing emotions. It's important to note that 'Into The Heart' is not designed as a therapeutic space for addressing trauma or deep emotional issues.
  • Artists who pursue art primarily as a hobby or leisure activity. 'Into The Heart' delves deeply into the context and significance of our art within our creative journey. Those without an established creative practice may find the course content overwhelming.
  • Artists who shy away from engaging in meaningful discussions on art or participating in guided visualizations.


Your Into The Heart registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, so please shop mindfully.

If a payment fails you have 48 hours to pay it or your membership to Into The Heart will be terminated. 

Please CONTACT US if you need help or have questions. We want you to be happy and make art.