Body Of Work (BOW)


➡️ B.O.W.  is only open to graduates of Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship. ⬅️

Let's Create A Body Of Work Together -- YOU AND ME!!

Is there a Body Of Work that is calling you? A quest you long to take?
A creative theme or concept you need to explore?

Do you have no idea what it's going to look or feel like —
but it's stirring inside your soul?

Is 2024 the year you go deeper and
BOW to your Artist Soul with humility and an open heart?


If your answer is YES...then come join me in B.O.W.

We'll go deep together — side-by-side — AS A COLLECTIVE



Unlike the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship, there are no weekly modules to complete, instead your B.O.W will guide the way & create the curriculum you must follow.

Our weekly group calls and check-in's will anchor the experience  & provide the support, mentorship, and tools to go deeper into your creative practice and create a unique B.O.W. that will be included in an online exhibition on ConnieSolera.com.

BOW requires a solid commitment to showing up to your Artist Soul, our small circle of FEARLESS® Painters, and all those your art is destined to touch and influence.


We begin BOW on November 7, 2023 with an introduction and welcome call. During November and December we will meet for two group calls and one co-working call as a way of easing into the process and to begin to align together as a collective. The calls are held three weeks apart and take place on Tuesdays at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT.

Come Tuesday, January 16th we'll really get cooking, baby!  Starting January 16th our calls will be weekly.

In BOW you will be expected to create your own body of work using materials, substrates, and concepts that you love and are near-and-dear to your heart.  Each week we will share about our practice and process in a weekly check-in and discuss various topics related to our unfolding studio practice at the weekly group calls.  Our co-working calls are opportunities for us to be more casual and experience the magic and joy that comes with actually creating art together in real time.  The co-working calls are not recorded.

In BOW there are two VISIONS that are designed to support you in going deeper into your work and to process any resistance or obstacles you are facing. Each artist receives 30 minutes of time during the VISION to discuss their work and what they need in regards of support, feedback, and direction.  The VISIONS in BOW have a different feeling and intention than the VISION process in the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship or retreat. The BOW VISIONS are intended to help you go deeper, strengthen your voice, and guide you in creating a more solid understanding of your work and intention for the viewer.

On Tuesday, May 7th each of us will submit an artist statement, bio, headshot, and our selected pieces that will be part of the second annual exhibition.  Not all of the work in your body of work will be included and this process of selection and curation will be discussed and supported in our group calls.

Also, as part of BOW you will have the experience of promoting both your collection and the exhibition through a pre-recorded interview, an online opening hosted on Zoom, a panel discussion, and a promotional Zoom event.  You will receive training in how to discuss and promote your collection and the exhibition in a three hour training call on Tuesday, May 21st.  While also gaining training and insight on how you can use the exhibition and the provided promotional materials (digital graphics, exhibition postcards, and online catalog) as marketing tools for your own work and in applying to shows, grants, etc.

As I love to say BOW is where the rubber meets the road.  In BOW you will create a body of work that you will than distill into a powerful collection that will be part of a public online exhibition.  Not only will you be a part of this exhibition but you will gain valuable training and experience in how to discuss your work and process publicly, promote your work and the exhibition effectively, and receive documentation and marketing tools you can use in promoting your practice moving forward.

Most of all BOW will change your life and practice.  I know this as a fact because it completely changed mine. I can NOT wait to step into this powerful and absolutely magical process once again — don’t hesitate…don’t wait — COME JOIN US!



BOW Cancellation & Refund Policy

Because space in BOW is highly limited, there are no refunds and registration is non-transferable.

If a payment fails your membership in BOW will be suspended. You have 72 hours to reconcile the payment. If you are unable to reconcile the payment in 72 hours your BOW membership will be terminated and the remaining balance will be due in full unless other arrangements are agreed upon