PTF Mini-Workshop

I Made This Book For yOu to paint in!

But I know how scary and even sacrilegious to paint in an art book can be.
That's why I made you a mini-workshop to help you get started!

Let's Do This Together!

Here's What To Expect


CLASSROOM OPENS:  Tues., Nov. 8th 
Invite to join the PTF Mini-Workshop classroom over at Paint Wisdom Studio will be sent out.  Come and get yourself settled and view some introduction videos.

WEEK ONE:  Mon., Nov. 14th - Fri., Nov. 18th
In Week One of my PTF Mini-Workshop I will be posting painting video(s) every day that will inspire and support your practice.

LIVE ZOOM CALL:  Mon., Nov. 21st  at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST
Come join me for a 90 minute live Zoom call where we will paint together! (This will be recorded.)

WEEK TWO:  Tues., Nov. 22nd - 25th
Tuesday through Thursday I will be posting an audio prompt to inspire your painting practice. Friday, November 25th I will post a "Studio Visit" video where I'll share some painting insights and go over ways you can keep your PTF practice going strong.


I encourage you to use whatever mixed-media art supplies you love and feel most comfortable with for my PTF Mini-Workshop.

I personally will be using acrylic paints, oil pastel, water-soluble graphite and/or crayons, my PTF Collector's Edition collage pack, adhesive, and whatever calls my fancy!


  • You must have purchased or been gifted one of my Painting the Feminine books to join the PTF Mini-Workshop. You are NOT required to paint in it to participate in this workshop -- but it is HIGHLY encouraged!
  • It's totally ok if you are joining the Mini-Workshop after the scheduled dates.  All course content is recorded and yours to keep. Though please note that the Mini-Workshop classroom will eventually close.  When it does you will receive a PDF containing the course material for you to refer to again and again.



Painting The Feminine Mini-Workshop is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please CONTACT US if you have a problem or need help.
We want you to be happy and make art!