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Making art is more than just mastering technique and's a practice we show up to again & again.

I've been making art my entire life.  I even got a fancy-wancy degree in it. But for me, art is way more than something you hang on the wall.  Art is my direct connection to my soul -- it's a sacred relationship I tend to daily.

As a teacher with 25+ years of experience under my apron, I have devoted my career to helping my students identify their visual language, strengthen their creative voice, and create art that makes their cells sizzle.

I pride myself in helping artists be the artists they are called to be and it all starts with fostering a healthy creative practice -- let me teach you how!

Create art that makes your cells sizzle!
Paint FEARLESS Mexico

In my eCourses & workshops you will...

Be invited to embody the truth of who you are as an artist and gain a solid understanding of the mystical and practical mechanics of your unique creative process. Expect to be challenged as well as celebrated, held, and inspired.

NEVER be asked to follow step-by-step instructions. In other words, your painting will NOT look like mine or anyone else’s. I saturate each workshop and retreat with heart-opening, insightful instructions on embodying the creative process and crafting your life as an artist.  My programs are designed to get you painting deeper than ever before and loving the marks that are 100% your own!

Find yourself immersed in a supportive, warm environment to explore your creative process and express yourself openly. You’ll be heard, seen and loved for exactly who you are and how you’re showing up! All skill levels and backgrounds are welcomed. The only requirement is a true, sincere desire to Paint FEARLESS®!


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Painting the Feminine

A 4 week mixed-media art journaling eCourse that fosters a daily creative practice while exploring Feminine Wisdom, visual language, & creating an intuitive narrative to your work. Offered every Spring & Fall since 2013.

Night Vision

Night Vision

A 2-week intuitive drawing eCourse that fosters a daily creative practice using soft pastels. In this eCourse we explore how artists use intuition and imagination to "see in the dark". 

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Online Mixed-media eCourses featuring 21 artists exploring a different theme to each edition.  21 SECRETS is currently taking a sabbatical -- but there are still exciting editions available for immediate access. 

Kind words from my beloved students

Marlee Prestell

Connie has this way of knowing exactly what you need before you know you need it.  After seven years of art education I have never come across an instructor like her before. She is my absolute favorite teacher. She teaches more than how to create beautiful works of art, you are taught how to be in the world as an artist.

Theresa Ratcliff

I have attended several classes and retreats with Connie Solara, and I can’t sing her praises loud enough! She is such a dynamic personality, you really have to experience her to understand! Connie is a remarkably talented artist, but she is also so much more. She is the most incredible teacher, leader, and gatherer of women that I have ever had the honor and privilege of working with.

Suzi Peetros
Suzi Peetros

Connie is an expert at teasing out exactly what each person is seeking in their individual creative process. She provides a safe place to explore, dig deep, and nurture you in working through any personal creative blocks.

Jennifer Maroney

Connie is a nurturing and open-hearted teacher who gently guides you into a deeper understanding of your creative process, visual language and yourself.

Jackie Puntoriero

Connie has an amazing way of encouraging and allowing an unfolding. This unfolding supports a flow and a unique body of work that reflects the feminine and its place in the world.

Jenny Loughmiller

Connie’s personal genius is not only her beautiful art but the way in which she guides her students through the creative process. She is truly masterful. She created a safe, nourishing space to push and question and explore and feel. I left the experience with a richer sense of the “why” behind my art and a vision of where I’m heading next. I can’t thank her enough for that gift.