Let's Paint FEARLESS®

Every artist needs a pocket of time where they can slip away from their daily routine, put down their roles and responsibilities, and sink deep into their creativity.

I consider this time sacred and a necessity to staying inspired as artists. So that’s exactly why I’ve been guiding women artists on Paint FEARLESS® retreats since 2010.

My Paint FEARLESS® retreats are lovingly designed to nourish the artist soul, awaken the senses, and guide each artist into a deeper relationship with her own unique creative practice.

Plus every Paint FEARLESS® retreat comes with a bit of adventure — artists NEED adventure!

See the world as an artist!

Is Paint FEARLESS® Calling You?

My mission as a teacher is to meet you exactly where you are on your artist journey and support and challenge you in becoming the artist you are called to be.

At Paint FEARLESS® I welcome women artists of all skill levels and backgrounds. But I require at least one year of art experience under your apron to ensure that you will fully receive the benefits of these retreats.

From fresh newbies just starting out to seasoned artists with a whole career behind them, I love supporting artists in:

  • identifying and developing one's unique visual language, style, and voice.
  • exploring new perspectives, cultures, and approaches and integrating them vibrantly into one's art.
  • taking creative risks.
  • shedding old skins.
  • getting unstuck, back in the groove again, and embracing fear.
  • doing the messy, blessed work of becoming the artist one's soul is calling her to be.

At Paint FEARLESS® we focus on the deeper undercurrents of our creative practice and spend a lot of time excavating the intuitive narrative that flows through everything we create.

Have an adventure!

The best part is the women you’ll meet!

I have women that come to my retreats 2,3,4 and even 5 and 6 times! I’d love to tell you that it’s all because of me, but the truth is — it’s really because of the amazing women that show up at each of my retreats.

Paint FEARLESS® is more than a retreat — it’s a worldwide family of FEARLESS® Painters who support, celebrate, and inspire each other, even after our wild adventure is complete.

Paint FEARLESS® retreats are overflowing with robust conversations, honest and raw sharing, and incredible experiences of healing and joy because of the diverse, talented, and loving women that say yes! yes! yes!

Yes to their creativity. Yes to the beauty of their life. Yes to their one precious Artist Soul.

Say yes! And join us for Paint FEARLESS® in one of these beautiful locations…






Costa Rica

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