Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship

Online Immersion | September 6 - December 6, 2022 | REGISTRATION OPENING SOON

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The Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship is for artists ready to FULLY BE the artist they are called to be.

What Is The Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship?

The Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship is a 3 months, online immersion for artists that are yearning for more depth, meaning, and magic in their creative practice. 

Maybe it's a series of paintings you can't stop thinking about...or a new idea you're eager to explore... or maybe simply the thought of committing yourself to 3 months of Artist Soul nourishment makes all the cells in your body sizzle with delight.

Whatever creative project, dream, or desire is calling you -- the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship will take you on a  journey through the deeper currents of your creativity where you will shed limiting beliefs that bind your Artist Soul and discover the wisdom that lives within your, unique mark-making and creative practice.


  • Twelve weekly Zoom calls containing a transformative discussion and content designed to awaken and nourish your Artist Soul. Plus there will be time for creative exercises, a check-in, and Q&A.. Each call is held on Tuesdays at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST for 2 hours, recorded, and yours to keep. (There is one call on Monday, September 26th -- NOT Tuesday, September 27th.)
  • Weekly learning modules containing PDF's, audios, and videos to support and deepen your practice.
  • Individualized feedback, support, and guidance tailored to the body-of-work you are creating.  
  • Weekly accountability to post what you are working on.
  • Membership to the private Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship classroom where you can share and be inspired by your peers.  Each artist will be given a "digital portfolio" in the classroom to keep track of your practice easily.
  • The pure joy of belonging to a community of diverse FEARLESS® Painters.
  • Discounts on all Paint FEARLESS® retreats and the IGNITE Teacher Training for the following year.
  • A Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship collectible apron.


  • IDENTIFY and EMBODY your unique visual language. You will leave the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship knowing to-the-bone who you are as an artist with a renewed sense of confidence in what makes your art unique. Through the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship you will discover how your creative practice supports, guides, and braids itself in your life continuously.
  • DEEPEN your studio practice with care. In the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship you will create a body-of-work that helps you identify the intricacies of your creative process and establish a practice that is fully in alignment with your unique creative rhythms, interests, cycles, energy levels, and life circumstances while growing your skills as an artist.
  • STRENGTHEN your connection to your inner guidance (aka your Artist Soul). The Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship will help you make friends with resistance and fear, approach your practice with more kindness, take creative risks with gusto, and trust your Artist Soul like nobody's business!
  • OWN your voice and style as an Artist. Instead of going on a mad-hunt for your voice and style, in the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship you will create space for YOUR style and voice to become more robust and evident with each piece you create.
  • Fully and fearlessly EXPRESS yourself creatively. The Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship will help you drop the overbearing woulds, coulds, and shoulds of perfectionism, heal and protect your practice from harsh self criticism and comparison, and most of all: help you embrace being fully YOU as an artist.
The Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship is for artists yearning for more depth, meaning, and magic in their creative practice. 

How The Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship Works...

  • There are 12 live Zoom calls where we will gather in small groups to discuss the weeks topic, check-in with how you are doing, work through creative exercises, and have time for Q&A. These calls happen on Tuesday at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST and are approximately 2 hours long each and are recorded.
  • You will be guided to create a body-of-work during the 3 months we are together by following your intuition, creative interests, and curiosity.  I will NOT be teaching painting techniques or steps on how to paint like myself during this Mentorship.  Instead you will receive the structure, support, accountability, and guidance for you to fully make your own creative decisions, trust your inner guidance, challenge yourself artistically, and express yourself fearlessly.
  • Through the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship I will guide you to write a powerful Artist Bio and Artist Statement that will accompany your work in an online exhibition I lovingly call a Vision. Together we we will celebrate and honor the body-of-work you created during your Mentorship.
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In the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship you will gently make friends with resistance and fear.


  • EAGER  to create a body of work that will evolve and grow over time and most of all look and feel like your style and voice.
  • WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE in deciding what to create each week and with what materials.
  • ENERGIZED by participating in deep conversations, sitting in the questions instead of jumping immediately to solutions, and practicing deep listening -- to yourself, your art work, and your peers.
  • INSPIRED by diverse ideas and approaches to creativity, the creative process, and art.
  • YEARNING for a small group of creative peers to create with weekly and share the ebb-and-flow of the creative process together.
  • COMMITTED to nourishing your Artist Soul and appreciate the weekly check-in, accountability, and guidance.
  • EAGER TO LEARN more about your own unique visual language and strengthen your skills as an artist.
  • LOVE TO LAUGH and think making art is one of the best things in the whole universe!


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