Night Vision

Intuitive Drawing With Soft Pastels



Artists Have An Uncanny Ability To See In the dark -- lets explore that!

In Night Vision you will create a body of work using soft pastels that explores your inner universe of dreams, memory, and intuition.  We'll be asking ourselves: How do I see in the dark?

This eCourse covers:

  • Juicy techniques and applications to working with soft pastels.
  • Basic color theory.
  • How to create a body of work with intention.
  • Tips to creating a daily creative practice.
  • Eleven inspiring stories told by Connie via audio to inspire your drawings and help you build a cohesive body of work.
  • Instruction on how to begin to identify and understand your unique visual language.
  • Ideas and support for expanding your body of work once you complete the eCourse.

Plus, as all artists know, creating art is so much more fulfilling when it's done in community. Night Vision includes access to the private Connie Solera Studio online learning network where you can receive support, accountability, and an occasional pop-up live events filled with love from me!


Using pastels is highly addictive & known to cause endless hours of bliss.

More Info Coming JANUARY 2021

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