21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color!



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Art by 21 SECRETS teachers: Shilpa Menghani Ruchandani, Jennifer Mercede, & Hali Karla.

As an artist, there’s nothing I love more than Color, Color, Color!

Color lifts my spirits when I’m feeling down. It helps me stop and notice the beautiful world we live in.  And color always has a way of expressing my heart better than any words can. That is why I am beyond thrilled to announce that  21 SECRETS is celebrating, exploring, and getting totally intoxicated on color this Fall with 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color!

Plus, because you can never have too much color, I went ahead and invited 24 talented teachers for this special edition rather than the usual 21 and YES! YES! YES! All for the same low price of $128.

So what is 21 SECRETS you ask?

In short, 21 SECRETS is a 150+ page downloadable eBook filled with 25+ hours of videos, full colored photos, templates, and clear instruction that will guide you through a colorful adventure with your art journal!

But what makes 21 SECRETS spectacular is that you receive all the content at once. We know you’re busy, so YOU get to pick and choose which workshops to do and when! Dive into your favorites first and never once feel rushed or falling behind — these workshops are YOURS TO KEEP baby!

Buy 21 SECRETS now and receive immediate access!

Fill your world and your art journal with Color, Color, Color! Keep on reading to learn more.

Art by 21 SECRETS teachers: Chrissy Foreman Cranitch, Cait Sherwood, and Imke Rust.

Below are descriptions of the 24 inspiring workshops that you will receive in 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color!

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Draw, Paint, and Print Artful Color Patterns with Briana Goetzen

Take a virtual trip around the world, and you’ll find patterns on many surfaces that inspire and delight your inner artist. Each of us is naturally drawn to certain colors and designs. If you are in the United States of America, have you ever visited your local Target store and felt your heart palpitate over all of the delicious color and pattern eye candy there? In Draw, Paint, and Print Artful Color Patterns, you will explore color while playing with pattern designs and your favorite motifs. Expressive and abstract patterns to traditional patterns, you will play play play with color, line, shape, and design. You will be encouraged to use a mix of reference photos from nature, magazines, catalogs, etc., as jumping off points, as well as your own intuition. A variety of tools for drawing, painting, and printing patterns in an art journal will be shown. Just imagine where you could take your designs next! I can’t wait to see all of your wonderful color-filled patterned pages!

Neutrals and Neons with Cait Sherwood

Neutrals and Neons is a class embracing the interplay between natural and synthetic colors. Using paints, found materials, and collage techniques, we will explore what natural and synthetic colors symbolize to us. We will become mindful of color as significant artistic choice.

Color with Feeling with Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

I believe the most powerful Artworks are those that tell an authentic story. Our feelings are our personal signposts and color is a wonderful tool we can use to access and explore our inner worlds.

In Color with Feeling, we will delve into what color means to us personally. We will uncover the memories and ideas we have about color and use them consciously in our Art-making.

Rather than a paint-by-number class, this workshop will enable us to express our ideas with blobs of paint, scribbles of color and mixed media paraphernalia.

Prepare to meet yourself in all your True Colors.

BOLD with Connie Solera

Ever get to that point in a painting where you’re absolutely terrified of messing things up but you know it’s still not time to quit yet? (Yeah, me too!) These are the moments when your creativity is at its ripest. In BOLD we’re going to practice taking creative risks, use color in its rawest form, and discover new ways of expressing ourselves bravely, colorfully, and most of all BOLD!

LEAVES : study | practice | imagine with Danielle Donaldson

In this course, LEAVES study | practice | imagine, you’ll learn how to create art in a different way.

study | we’ll make leaf rubbings to understand the shape and structure of different species of leaves. then we’ll make color swatches to learn what colors best match our leaves, followed by a color-filled drawing of the leaf with little notes to serve as a reminder when we want to recreate the leaves later. you can add these to your journal or create a key ring like mine

practice | the only way to get better is to practice. drawing and painting the same leaf in a repetitive pattern will infuse you with some pretty awesome creative muscle memory. it will also give you some great insight into color-mixing with watercolors!

imagine | we’ll take everything we have learned and give it a special twist to create a piece filled with lots of color and beauty

My goal as the instructor, is that each of you learn at least three new skills or techniques that you can infuse into your own creative practice. I always try to give you all the pieces to put a complete project together – I promise! (Because having a finished piece is important to you, so it’s important to me.)

Fun With Neon Paints with Dianne Fago

Let go of your fear of using bright colors and discover the joy of seeing what happens when we listen to our inner artist. In Fun With Neon Paints we’ll make bright and colorful mini canvases out of recycled Jell-O boxes then become amazed at what happens when we create texture with recycled bits and pieces.

Make A Mess MAGIC with Hali Karla

Feeling a little bleary about color theory? Are you sick of the color ‘rules,’ but afraid of making a muddy brown mess on the page if you don’t stick to them?

Maybe you’ve just never had a… conventional or careful approach, or don’t like being told ‘how’ to play with color.

We’re going to dive in to these waters, trudge up the sludge and splash around making mud on the page. We’ll use a variety of mixed-media supplies for our mess-making experiments.

Then we’ll explore some ways for turning that fertile ground into pure, colorful art-journaling magic.

Feeling Blue? Spiritual and Symbolic Influence of Colour in your Journal and Life with Imke Rust

What colour is the rain?
Red is life. Or is it death?
Why are we drawn to one colour and hate the other?

I welcome you on a colourful journey to reconnect with the ancient wisdom and power of colour. Discover the magic, myths, symbolism and effects behind the individual colours, create your personal colour reference guide with the ‘Colour a Day’ exercise and gain a deeper understanding how you can select and use colours for specific intention and purpose in your journal and life.

Limited Palette Play with Jeanne Oliver

Explore my town with me, gather up fun inspiration and then practice using a limited color palette. Do you ever walk into your studio and feel overwhelmed by all of your supplies? I know that in the past I felt exactly like that. Over the years I have learned that to practice (and practice often) that I do my best with a limited number of supplies. I have no excuses and the biggest tip is that I have become extremely familiar with my tools. This lesson will be about practicing and focusing more on values, sketching, quick painting and not being distracted with too many supplies.

Whimsical Landscapes with Jenni Horne

Together we will be dipping our brushes into paint to find our unique creative voice in the unexpected world of whimsical landscapes. I will be inspiring you to paint throughout the workshop, making your online experience as personal as possible. Through simple directions and inspirations along the way I’ll be guiding you through the creative process so that in the end you feel at ease with the materials and excited about the potential to create more. You will be a doer. a dreamer. and most import……AN ARTIST.

Two Colors, Many Shades and a Self Designed Paint by Number with Jennifer Mercede

Its amazing the amount of colors you can create by just mixing two together. I always fall in love with the tiny nuances, the shifts between shades when you add just a touch of a touch of a touch of the next color. Then, I love even more, putting those two colors next to each other and appreciating the vibrancy that exist from their subtle difference.

In this class we will explore creating shades of color that are so similar that you can hardly know the difference, but if you’re a color lover, like me, you will, oh you most definitely will and it may just melt your heart & take your breath away.

Then, to display this breathtaking range of shades, we’re going to design our own color by number drawing and have fun painting it in!

Backwoods Beauty with Kristina Oppegard

Mosey down rural roads to uncover the magic colors of weathered farm woods and the gorgeous rich color of rust.

In Backwoods Beauty we’ll make our own ink/dye out of organic materials, and recreate rusting on cloth and paper to be used in our journals or on canvas.

Venture with me into the Backwoods!

My Favorite Color is Sunset with Lorraine Bell

Have you ever stopped to count how many colors are present in the sky during sunset? The answer is infinite. And just like a fingerprint or a snowflake, no two sunsets are alike! Join Lorraine as she explores her favorite color palette in creating watercolor sunsets in her art journal!

Textured Abstract Harmony with Marta Łapkowska

In Textured Abstract Harmony we will be art journaling in an old book using mix of sprays from Lindy’s Stamp Gang and embossing powders. In this workshop we’ll learn how to combine art mediums to achieve the most spectacular colour effects. We’ll build texture by using modeling paste, old music notes pages, stencil and lace. But the fun will really begin once we add the colour. Also in Textured Abstract Harmony we’ll learn how to create extraordinary colour mixes through a ‘slow spray’ technique where our abstract piece will begin to feel like harmony. We’ll finish our piece with a touch of Prima Marketing acrylic paints to bring out the texture. In the end we’ll add embellishments to finish the composition and finish it up with some doodling! Come join the fun!

Metallic Mandalas and Expressive Journaling with Martice Smith II

In the Metallic Mandalas and Expressive Journaling I’ll show you how to document interesting patterns with a simple tutorial on creating your own mandala motif booklet. This motif booklet will serve as our visual library as we create mandalas with richly saturated pigments, personal symbols and unpredictable designs as a finished journal page.

Through multiple layers of color and unique mark-making, we’re going to give our journal page a little more flavor by incorporate dazzling, metallic paints! Come on and sling paint with me!

Layers of Bright and Bold! with Mary Wangerin

Bright and bold colors are the beat of my heart. If my soul were made of color, it would undoubtedly be made up of turquoise and teal, magenta and violet, mossy green and mustard yellow. When I see these colors, and especially when I create with them, I am reminded what it is to truly feel alive!

In this workshop, we will explore exciting techniques to create colorful layers which become delicious, gorgeous works of art. We will give ourselves the gift of letting go and being free as we practice the art of detachment and discover the mystery and surprise that unfolds within a painting.

Color Revealed with Michelle Turbide

One of the most important things I have learned in art is that contrast and value add a vital element that creates impact in our work. And boy do I love impact in my pages…don’t you? When working intuitively in our journal pages we can often get lost within all the color choices, but we can hold the intention of creating pop and sizzle by using these design principals and still create intuitively and spontaneously.

This class is an exercise in using value and contrast with color to make your journal pages bold and vivid. Utilizing the value scale we will explore high, medium, and low key colors and how to use spaces of value and high contrast to create focal points. Using alternating layers of contrasting colors, we will utilize scraping back to reveal depth and texture in the pages. In addition to add more impact, We’ll use a limited palette of two contrasting colors and a few complimentary colors to provide a harmonious feel to the pages.

Flesh In Living Color with Mystele Kirkeeng

If you were to look closely at the skin of the beautiful darker brown family I grew up in, you would see an astounding variation in the color brown. I think I became truly aware of skin tone when my children were born. My husband (Norwegian, English, Dutch) and I (African, Irish, Choctaw) have two boys who are a glorious combination of my husband’s lighter brown skin tone and my darker brown skin tone. Yet, the boys’ skin tones are so wonderfully different from each other. Incredible!

When you really, really explore skin tones with color media, it becomes increasingly apparent how ridiculous it is that we still attempt to label the races monochromatically. Let’s dive into the color “brown” and see what we discover! Then, let’s take a short jaunt toward less realistic skin tones with our favorite warm and cool colors.


Doodle This, Capture That: A Celebration of Our Colorful Lives with Natasha Reilly

In this workshop, we will turn our ordinary moments into extraordinary stories. We will go on a photo scavenger hunt seeking out joyful things in our daily lives before stepping onto the pages of our art journals where we will bring our words, images, doodles and paints together for an unforgettable celebration.

Take Nine with Penn Gregory

For this project we’re going to take nine colors: The three primary colors: Red–Yellow–Blue, the three secondary colors: Green–Orange–Purple, and three neutral tones : Dark–Mid–Light Using these nine colours and all your favourite mixed media techniques (and maybe a few new ones) we’re going to make a unique color wheel to explore new combinations to inspire your next creative adventures.

Where Line Meets Color with Robin Mead

I love what I can do with a line on a page….with a scribble, a dot or a doodle…the flow of the ink, the gestural movement, the statement of “here I am”. Enter, wild exuberant and joyful color and you have a mix made in heaven. For me both line and color are crucial for me to capture what I cannot say or express any other way. The control of the line and the chaotic color are the basis of all of my work, and through this I try to achieve a sense of joy that is bold and beautiful and can touch your soul. The bold black lines, squiggles or doodles come from a feeling I have deep within that screams control, perfection and order. The beautiful vibrant colors come from a light heartfelt and spiritual place that whispers wild crazy and chaotic. The interplay between control and chaos is where the magic happens, and that can only come from within each one of us. In this lesson I will share how I use line and color to create rich artwork that speaks through you and your own feelings.

My Happiness Project with Shilpa Menghani Ruchandani

In My Happiness Project we will begin by playing with complementary color schemes and various techniques, textures, doodles — basically all the fun and exciting things that a journalling process should include! . Then, once we’re all warmed up I will show you an easy peasy way to draw and paint YOU. Yes — YOU! No drawing skills needed – promise! Then, to finalize things we’ll include a letter to ourselves that I’ll show you how to tuck away secretly. Come join My Happiness Project!

Color Tango: Make your Colors Dance with Tori Weyers

Let Lady Luck help you find new and unexpected color combinations and then learn to make those unexpected colors work for you! In this workshop we will create a color swatch card deck with whatever paints, markers, pencils or pens you already own and then find new fun and unexpected ways to make your colorful marks dance across the pages of your art journal!

Ugly Expressions with Yaelaed

Ugly Expressions is a celebration of the messy parts of humanity; all the feelings and colors that don’t fit inside the lines, all the flaws, shadows, and scars. A celebration of things that we no longer need to hide or erase. Let’s use muddy colors, messy lines, uncomplimentary colors and expressive mark making to explore the darker (but no less worthy) side of our inner landscape. Release the expectation for your art journal to be bright or “pretty”. Allow it (and yourself) to be raw, unkempt, vulnerable, and ugly.

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Here’s What You Will Receive


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  • A downloadable 150+ page eBook that contains 24 art journaling workshops packed with 25+ hours of videos, full color photos, templates, and clear instructional content that is yours to keep and refer to again and again. 
  • Unlimited access to all workshops at once! You pick and choose which ones you do and when.  There is no time limit or deadlines to meet — these workshops are yours to keep! 
  • Membership to the private 21 SECRETS Facebook community where you can share, be inspired, and receive warm, supportive feedback. 
  • The opportunity to learn a variety of art journaling approaches and color techniques from the comfort of your home/studio. 
  • Belong to a supportive online artist community that has been growing strong since 2010! At 21 SECRETS we celebrate everyone’s unique expression and support artists in becoming confident and courageous while creating from the heart! 

Art by 21 SECRETS teacher: Connie Solera.

Art by 21 SECRETS teacher: Mystele Kirkeeng

Art by 21 SECRETS teacher: Michelle Turbide

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is 21 SECRETS held? How does it work?

21 SECRETS is a 150+ page eBook that you must download and save to your computer/device for unlimited access. Contained in this eBook are the 21 workshops that are listed above. The workshops consist of videos, written text, full colored photos, templates, and printables. You can pick and choose which workshops you do and in what order — 21 SECRETS is completely self paced.

Are the videos downloadable too?

The videos are hosted on the Vimeo platform which is totally free to you and YES! The videos are completely downloadable and yours to keep.

Art by 21 SECRETS teacher: Jenni Horne

What type of technology do I need to enjoy 21 SECRETS fully?

  • A computer or mobile device with connection to the internet. A high-speed connection will help reduce possible frustration.
  • All videos for 21 SECRETS are hosted on Vimeo. Visit HERE for an app designed specifically for viewing Vimeo videos with your device.
  • The videos are best supported by the up-to-date version of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, & Internet Explorer.
  • You will need the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader HERE to view the eBook properly.
  • You need to be comfortable with basic computer skills – primarily entering a password and accessing your email

Art by 21 SECRETS Teacher: Marta Łapkowska

Is there a supply list?

There is no master supply list for 21 SECRETS, but each teacher will present you with a supply list at the beginning of their workshop.

Do I need previous art experience to feel comfortable in 21 SECRETS?

Nope! Noway! Nada! The beauty of art journaling is that it’s for everyone — and what makes 21 SECRETS Tools and Techniques even more delicious for a newbie is that the teachers will be introducing you to actual tools and techniques that will be hugely useful as you begin your journey as an artist.

Are the teachers available to answer questions?

21 SECRETS comes with access to the private Facebook community where many of the teachers can be reached with a simple tag.  The teachers are not required to be present in the Facebook group — but the majority of them are and always happy to connect with their students.

How can I (or someone I know) become a 21 SECRETS teacher?

We would love to hear from you! Please CLICK HERE and nominate yourself or that special artist you think would be perfect for 21 SECRETS!

I’m an art journal fanatic — will there be new stuff for me to learn in 21 SECRETS?

Absolutely! The teachers in 21 SECRETS are sharing their secrets so you are bound to learn something new — and even if some of the stuff is old hat to you, it never hurts to revisit the basics as an artist!

How can I purchase 21 SECRETS as a gift?

Awww! We love that you want to pass on 21 SECRETS to a friend or loved one — please contact the Dirty Footprints Studio support team HERE and we will get you all set up.

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