Summer Studio 2019 Suggested Supplies

Below is a list of supplies each teacher is using in their workshop. Please don’t let this list intimidate or overwhelm you.

As always in 21 SECRETS, you are encouraged to create with what you have on hand.


Briana Goetzen

Watercolor paper or mixed-media paper—98 lb.–140 lb. (paper that can take wet media and layers)
Acrylic paint
Crayons or oil pastels
Liquid Watercolor (Dick Blick brand is fine)
Scissor or paper trimmer
Tempera paint
Tim Holtz Distress Stain
Fun Extras:
Water-soluble crayons i.e. Neocolor II by Caran d’Ache
Watercolor pencils

Connie Solera

Any type of mixed-media or watercolor paper or sketchbook
India Ink
Pitt Pens (B & Big Brush B)
Watercolor / Acrylic Paintbrushes (smaller sizes)
Printer machine & printer paper
Adhesive (glue stick, mod podge, or gel medium)
Paper towels

White paint pen
Shot glass

Consie Sindet

Black marker (I love the Sharpie Pen)
Bone folder (OPTIONAL)
Paintbrush (a medium size like a #8 round)
Papers, combination of blank white: mixed-media, watercolor, card stock, Bristol
I used one sheet each of 3 kinds; each sheet was no larger than 9”x12”
Spray bottle of water
Washi tape: at least 1/2” in width, any patterns
Watercolors (a cheap watercolor pan set is perfect)
White gel pen

Karen Elaine

Substrate: Ampersand Artist Panel, 12” x 16” (30cm x 41cm) or larger. The Artist Panels have a slicker surface which is great for glazing and layering. You can buy tempered masonite at a hardware store and prime it with gesso. Hot press illustration board or watercolor paper primed with gesso is great too.

Acrylic paint markers (I used Molotow One4All)

Acrylic paints, fluid variety: Hot Colors: Quinacridone Red, Hansa Yellow, Pyrolle Orange or Quinacridone Magenta. Cool Colors: Pthalo Blue, Cobalt Blue, Teal, Ultramarine Violet. Contrast Colors: Titanium white and Carbon Black. I used mostly Golden and Nova Color fluids but Americana and other craft paints work as well.

Brushes and mark-making tools: Foam brushes, bristle brushes, Princeton Catalyst brushes, rubber brayer, knitting needles or any type of scraping tools. Silicon kitchen utensils make great marking tools!

Palette paper (I used Strathmore)

Stencils, stamps or foam stamps for creating patterns. Slice a bunch of celery or a potato to make a stamp and find things you have around your home to make patterns.

Lauren Hooper

Acrylic Paint
Collage material of students choice
Gel pens
Paint pens (I use posca pens)
Waterproof writing/drawing pens (I use Micron and Staedtlers)

Lille Diane

Acrylic paints or craft paints
Art Journal or canvas
Black ink pen waterproof
Colored pencils
Found items around your house for stamping, adding texture & interest (ideas/suggestions will be provided)
Mod Podge, matte medium, or craft glue
Patterned tissue paper, scrapbook paper or Gelli-print painted papers (new or recycled)
Stabilo-All Pencil Graphite Color Pencil-Black (not mandatory yet oh so fun to have in your art supply booty)
White or clear gesso

Linda Sagastume

Acrylic paints – GOLDEN Brand Payne’s Gray and Pthalo Turqouise, Liquitex Bright Aqua Green, FolkArt Bone folder for burnishing photos to page
Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons, or watercolor pencils for mark making
Flat brush for applying acrylic paint
Gloss medium and brush to apply
Inkjet printer to copy photograph to vellum paper
Inkjet or toner copies of photographs—black-and-white or color. (Use your own photographs or copyright-free photographs from the Internet. Aqua themed such as Caribbean seas, Santa Fe doors, Northern Lights, any subject to which you fancy.)
Liquid matte medium and brush to apply
Neon Orange
Sequin waste and chalk stamp
Spray bottle with water and water container for cleaning brushes
Vellum paper, one piece of 8.5×11” – located in scrapbook paper section of craft stores
Washi tape to attach vellum copy
Watercolor paper, 140 lb., 11”x 15”, hand-bound by pamphlet stitch into a journal format
White gel pen
White gesso and used gift card for making a grid

Rae Missigman

Acrylic paints & Inks, assorted
Canvas Fabric or Duck Cloth (small pieces that can be stitched or glued into your journal)
Mark-making tools, assorted
Paintbrushes, assorted
Palette knife
Scraps of ribbon, fabric, yarn, or embroidery thread
Texture paste


Assorted papers

Sharon Stanley

Ephemeral scraps (junk mail, catalogs, magazines, and/or other paper “remains of the day” from previous projects)
Glue (Elmers, glue stick, Modpodge will work)
Journal (or loose paper, if preferred)
Pen, gel pen, pencil or Sharpie for doodling



Susie Stonefield Miller

Art journal (Canson XL Mixed Media)
Black gesso (I like Bob Ross brand)
Foam sponges
Heat gun
Paintbrushes (various sizes)
Spray inks in strong colors (no pastels) (I like Tim Holtz or Dylusions)
Water and container
White acrylic paint (Liquitex Basics)
White gel pens (I like Uniball Signos)
White water-based paint pens, various tips (Sharpie, Posca or Molotow)

Stephanie Ignazio

Cold-press watercolor paper or mixed-media paper, 2–4 sheets
Compass or something round to trace
Paint palette, palette paper or ceramic palette (around palette with wells does work best, but is not required; just have plenty of surface to create different shades)
Pencil and eraser
Water cup and paper towels
Watercolor brush, size 6 or 8 will work best.
Watercolor paint, 1 color (tube, liquid, pan sets; use whatever you prefer—pick your favorite!)


Colored pencils, Crayons, even glitter!
Gel pens
Paint pens


Caylee Grey

Bring along your favorite supplies. This list includes my favorites:
Brush pen (Kuretake)
Brush marker, hard (Tombow)
Gel pen (Pilot G-Tec C4)
Graphite pencil (Palomino Blackwing Pearl)
Tape runner (Tombow)
Washi tape, white
Water-based paint marker, ultra-fine (pin) point, white (Uni Posca)

Connie Solera

A few “studio treasures” to draw from
A sketchbook, mixed-media paper, or watercolor paper
One light grey colored Tombow dual brush pen
Water-proof black ink pens (I prefer Pitt Pens)
Watercolor brushes
Container for water

Debi Adams

Acrylic paints
Corrugated cardboard
Die cuts
Embossing powders and embossing gun
Ephemera pieces
Foam dots
Glues, assorted
Gold leaf
Gold pen
Markers, black and white
Papers: cardstock, mixed media, watercolor paper, chipboard
Poly foam
Texture paste
Watercolor paints

Jane LaFazio

Blending stump or tortillon
Kneaded eraser
Pencil, ordinary
Tombow Dual Brush pen in black
Waterbrush (I like the Niji Waterbrush, Medium Round) or watercolor brush
Watercolor paper, HOT press or a smooth surface mixed-media paper (any size)

Kellee Wynne Conrad

Acrylic paints, fluid, assorted colors (GOLDEN)
Art journal, concertina style, (Seawhite)
Collage papers, handmade or printed
Heavy gel matte medium
Water-soluble graphite pencils (Prima)
Watercolor sets, assorted colors (Prima)
White gesso (Liquitex Professional)

Liz Lamoreux

Camera (phone is fine)
Favorite mixed-media supplies (watercolors, black marker (I love Tombows), collage papers, washi tape, etc.)
Glue stick
Journal to capture their joy-filled adventures
Photo prints

Lynne Hudson

All supplies are suggestions. Use what you have and like. I’m sharing my favorites in case you wish to purchase anything new.
Access to printer—inkjet or laser printer (laser is ideal)
Art journal
Good – Any journal with paper that’s heavy enough to handle wet and glue
Better – Canson XL Mix Media (I use 11×14 inches)
Best – Stillman & Birn Softcover Edition – Zeta Series – (I use 8×10 inches)
Gel Pens or pens for journaling (I love Gellis -especially the Soufflé’s for writing on black)
Glue Stick (Uhu)
Line Art App
Will provide specific examples the week of class since apps and programs change daily.
IOS – Inkwork ($2.99)
Android – Enlight Photofox Android & IOS ($3.99) or Vinci (Free with limits)
Desktop – or (Free)
Picmonkey if you already have it ($6/month)
Matte Medium (Golden) or Spray Fixative if using an inkjet printer (I’ll show both)
Phone for taking photographs
Sharpie Pen & Markers – thick and thin
Thin – I prefer the sharpie stylo or the the fine point black signing Sharpie.
Thick – Regular marker or for fun the dual fine/chisel point
Tombow Markers or any water\-based brush pens (pick at least three favorite colors!)
White pen (examples – Gelli white, Marvy Reminisce, uni-ball Signo broad)

Molly Anthony

Bag for collecting items (plastic works best in case items are wet)
Notebook, small (easy to carry or can fit in your pocket)
Pen or pencil (for taking notes and making quick sketches)
Backpack or tote (don’t over pack because it will get heavy to carry around)
Markers and/or travel watercolors (for making notes about color)

Creating and Connecting
Adhesive (I prefer glue sticks and gel medium)
Art journal or sketchbook (any size)
Collage papers (you can also try fabric to add some different textures to your page)
Notes and collected objects from your walk
Paint, acrylic and/or watercolor
Pens, pencils, markers and/or stamps (we’ll use them for mark-making and adding text)

Alphabet stamp set and ink pad
Embroidery floss and/or thread and needles (If you want to add stitching to your page)
Nature guides/identification books (or apps on your phone) or books that discuss symbolism in nature/other
Water-soluble graphite

Rachel Rose

Favorite colors (watercolours, markers, paint etc.)
Pen or pencil (use your favorite)
Postcard-sized papers, approx 6” x 4”, 4–7 pieces (scrap paper or cut from an art-quality sketch pad

Sarah Huizenga

Acrylic Paint, craft-grade is perfect
Art Journal
Baby wipes
Black-and-White photocopy of a favorite/special photo
Blending Stump
Carbon Paper
Charcoal pencil
Favorite poem
Graphite Pencil or Pen
Matte Gel Medium
Mechanical pencil
Paintbrushes, varying sizes
Posca or Micron fine tip black pen
Soft Pastels (I use the Richeson Handmade ones)
Stabilo black pencil
Water Soluble Crayons
White Gesso

Tonia Jenny

needle and embroidery thread
water-soluble pencil (I used a Dewent Inktense Ink Black)
watercolor or mixed-media paper, 8” x 8” (20cm x 20cm), 2 sheets
watercolor brush, quill brush that holds a lot of water (I used a Silver Atelier Golden Takon Quill, size 80)
watercolors, 5 colors or so

Craft glue
Fine-point pens, black or color of your choice (I used Pitt Artist pens)
Metallic semi-watercolors (I used Prima Marketing Metallic Accents)