Mentorship Discovery Call

Hey There!

Thank you for your interest in the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship.  I understand what a huge investment this experience is energetically, time-wise, and financially, so I want you to feel super confident in your decision to commit.

As a mentor and teacher, it is my mission to help my students make and navigate decisions based on their own Creative Wisdom.  So I will never try to convince or sell you on any of my programs or services.  Instead, our 25 minutes together will be an opportunity for you to share your creative dreams, goals, visions, and concerns and discover if the Paint FEARLESS® Mentorship is the right fit of support, resources, and experience for you.

To schedule a private, 25 minute Zoom chat with me use the form below.

If you prefer to discuss things via email please CLICK HERE instead.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.