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Paint Wisdom Circle

6 Weekly LIVE Classes Via Zoom

July 30- September 3, 2021 | Limited to 16 Painters | SOLD OUT

What Is The Paint Wisdom Circle?

The Paint Wisdom Circle is a weekly live class held via Zoom that meets each Friday for two hours and fifteen minutes of FEARLESS® Painting yumminess, discussion, and reflection. There is also a private virtual classroom over on the Paint Wisdom Studio where we'll post our work afterwards and stay engaged with one another throughout the week.

The Paint Wisdom Circle is a great way to deepen your creative practice, create a body of work that makes your cells sizzle, and nourish your artist soul.


The Paint Wisdom Circle Is For You If...

  • You are interested in creating a small body of work that explores and expresses a central theme. For this session our theme is: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes. (Scroll down for more info.)
  • You are comfortable in deciding what to create each week and with what materials.
  • You are energized by participating in deep conversations, sitting in the questions instead of jumping immediately to solutions, and practicing deep listening -- to yourself, your art work, and your peers.
  • You are inspired by diverse ideas and approaches to creativity, the creative process, and art.
  • You are yearning for a small group of creative peers to create with weekly and share the ebb-and-flow of the creative process together.
  • You have an emotional support system in your life.  Paint Wisdom Circle is a creative circle, NOT therapy.
  • You are committed to nourishing your artist soul and appreciate the weekly check-in and accountability.
  • You are eager to learn more about your own unique Paint Wisdom.
Give Yourself A Weekly Artist Date

How Does The Paint Wisdom Circle Roll?

Paint Wisdom Circle is a VIRTUAL LIVE CLASS -- meaning: it will NOT be recorded.  You must show up to the class!

We meet for six Fridays starting Friday, July 30th at 10 AM PST. CLICK HERE to see what time that is where you live. Each Paint Wisdom Circle is two hours and fifteen minutes long.

Each session begins with a 45 minute introduction + warm up exercises. Then we dive into 60-80 minutes of supported painting time, ending with approximately 10 to 20 minutes of a juicy discussion and reflection.

The Paint Wisdom Circle also includes a private forum on the Paint Wisdom Studio where you can post your paintings after class, connect with your fellow painters, and carry on class discussions till the cows come home (if you have cows, that is!).


What Supplies Do I Need?


In The Paint Wisdom Circle you will create a small body of work by showing up each Friday to paint and be supported! You are encouraged to use whatever supplies call to you most.  I highly encourage you to have an art journal or mixed-media paper to paint on.  Paints, oil pastels, water-soluble graphite (I love Artgraf!), collage materials, adhesive, water, palette, brushes, paint rags, etc. If you need inspiration, the Painting The Feminine Suggested Supply List is a great place to start!


Each Paint Wisdom Circle is guided by an overall theme that we explore each week in the introduction portion of our call.

For the August/September session we will be channeling our inner David Bowie with our theme of "CH-CH-CH-CHANGES".

As we begin to make the transition from Summer to Fall, this is a great time to embrace the liminal and explore how change in our creative practice can come from a grounded place of grace and bring forth joyful surprises and growth.

We'll practice and explore embracing change through creative exercises, juicy discussion, building a body of work and sitting with the following questions:

  • What changes am I feeling called to make in my own creative practice?
  • What changes am I going through in my own life and how are they molding my creative practice?
  • Do I embrace change? Resist it? Or ignore it altogether?
  • How does the change of seasons influence my creative practice?
  • What changes can I make to breathe new life into my creative practice?
  • What changes can I commit to in creating healthy boundaries that protect and nourish my creative practice?
  • What happens when I am more spontaneous in my creative practice and change the way I do things?
  • Reflecting upon my larger body of work, what changes do I notice in my art over time?
  • How does my creative practice change day-to-day? How does it stay the same or stable?

Here Are A Few More Tid-Bits


SESSION: JULY 30 - SEPT. 3, 2021

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2 Payments of $125


Because space is highly limited in the Paint Wisdom Circle your registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, so please shop mindfully.

Credit or refunds will NOT be given for missed sessions. We also do NOT offer refunds for technical issues, limitations of your computer, devices, or internet connection so please be sure to check the minimum requirements before registering.

If your second payment fails your membership to the Paint Wisdom Circle will be suspended. You have 48 hours to complete your payment or your membership will be terminated. 

Please CONTACT US if you need help or have questions.