paint FEARLESS® costa rica

Nosara, Costa Rica 

Every artist needs a sacred pocket of time — a retreat, where they can shed their daily routine and sink deeply into their creativity.

I hosted my last Paint FEARLESS® Costa Rica in 2019 and have no more Costa Rica retreats or intensives scheduled for the future.

Instead, I warmly invite you to join me at Paint Wisdom Mexico or Paint Wisdom Italy.


Praise from Past FEARLESS® Painters!

PJ Lawrence

I recently returned home from my 4th(!) Paint FEARLESS retreat… and I’ve already signed up for a 5th one! Want to know why?

One of Connie’s true gifts that draws me to her retreats time after time is her ability to sense and understand the unique energy of the group and of each individual who makes it up. She works with that energy to provide a new experience each time that fits each member.

In my first retreat, Connie gently guided me to realize that it’s perfectly fine to paint the way I paint, and even more important, to declare out loud to the group and to the universe I AM AN ARTIST! That’s exactly what I needed that week, and I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to realize on my own.

Patricia Mosca
Patricia Mosca

One of the most powerful things about Paint Fearless is allowing yourself to become FEARLESS. So often we second guess ourselves…we take ourselves to places of fear and “not good enough”…at Paint Fearless you explore those sides of yourself that you don’t often expose even to yourself with Connie’s special kind of love and support…At Paint Fearless you are safe to explore who you are as an artist, a person, part of a tribe. At Paint Fearless you discover things about yourself that lie deep within.

Jane Hoerner

It’s hard to explain the Paint FEARLESS experience, because it resides as such a deep and personal level. Connie Solera brings together groups of such beautiful creative souls who bond into a supportive tribe in almost no time at all. She creates such an encouraging and supportive environment that you feel safe enough to let your colorful wings unfurl.

But the true magic of Paint FEARLESS is Connie’s way of tapping into each person’s unique creative potential and lovingly prompting them in just the right ways to bring out their juicy artistic spirit. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of Paint FEARLESS Mexico, Costa Rica, and Sedona so far and can’t wait for the next adventure to begin!

Cena Hoban
Cena Hoban

I’ve experienced two Paint FEARLESS retreats and the most powerful thing of them both is the beautiful sacred space that forms as soon as we gather together. Connie is a master at bringing women together in such a deeply profound ways. Connie’s Paint FEARLESS retreats foster strength, possibility, collaboration I no longer think of these beautiful retreats as a luxury but rather a necessity to deeply nourish and sustain my soul.

Carol Lowell
Carol Lowell

One of the most important things about Paint FEARLESS was saying YES to me! I think we all know the importance of giving time for our creativity, but how often does the endless list of things to do in our everyday life take over that priority? By giving the time, energy, effort and focus to retreat with the sole purpose of honoring our creative nature, one cannot help but feel rejuvenated and deeply satisfied. Sharing the time with like-minded women and, of course, lovely and incredible Connie, makes the experience pure bliss.

CLICK HERE for photos of past Paint FEARLESS Costa Rica retreats.

All photos taken by Connie Solera, Hansel Solera, and Ahki Retreat Center.
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