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Oaxaca City, Mexico | Jan. 8 -14, 2024 | SOLD OUT!

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OAXACA will ignite a fiery love affair with your artist soul


Paint FEARLESS® Mexico is an intuitive painting retreat for artists that are eager to Paint FEARLESS®, nourish their Artist Soul, and yearn for a community of kindreds to head out on an adventure with!

Included in each retreat is studio time overflowing with FEARLESS® Painting instruction, guided meditations, creative exercises, juicy soulful discussions, individual guidance and feedback, inspiring demos, and sacred paint rituals that will awaken your Artist Soul and unlock your unique style and expression.

You will leave Paint FEARLESS® Mexico with a deeper understanding of your creative practice, feeling more connected to your Artist Soul, and yearning to return to Oaxaca again and again.

Magic OAX

Oaxaca will seduce your senses — You will leave feeling fully alive & inspired


Oaxaca is pronounced Wa-Ha-Ka, and is both a city and a state (like New York, NY) in Southern Mexico.

Oaxaca, Mexico is a land of magic, mythos, and Art. You’ll find traditional weavers, sculptors, potters, dancers, musicians, storytellers and curanderas (indigenous healers) mixing it up with modern painters, photographers, writers, and poets.

Oaxaca is a Unesco world heritage site, with no less than 21 cathedrals within the historic center, towering limestone walls, and secret gardens behind every adobe walls and doorway.

Oaxaca is known as “the land of the seven moles“. My favorite mole of them all happens to be “guacomole” — Oaxaca has the best!

From Oaxaca's powerful murals to the traditional crafts you can cradle in your hand, to a rich, robust contemporary art scene — painting is the pulse of Oaxaca — and I guarantee she will breathe new life into your creativity.



I’ll invite you to embrace the world as an Artist — we’ll hunt for visual symbols, unveil revealing metaphors, and open ourselves to serendipity, creativity, and the sweetness of the unknown.

I’ll share with you my favorite ways of gathering the richness of Oaxaca in your sketchbook and studio log and then show you how to incorporate it into your painting practice.

I’ll encourage you to fully FEEL Oaxaca — to allow it to take over your senses and guide your body of work.

I’ll lead you to some of the most inspiring murals, studios, galleries and museums where we’ll overindulge in painting! painting! painting!



  • A sketching tour of Oaxaca City to explore the many murals, galleries, and cultural sites this city holds.
  • Climbing the pyramids at Monte Albán the historical center of Oaxaca where mythos runs deep.
  • Visiting Santa María Atzompa, the place of green and white clay and ritual.
  • Exploring San Martín Tilcajete to learn how Alebrijes -- Oaxaca's magical creatures that inspired Pixar's Coco are created.
take time to nourish your artist soul with color, magic, adventure, & friendship


During our time in the studio, I will guide you through an intuitive journey of art making while sharing my favorite techniques and insights on being bold and FEARLESS creatively.  You can expect creative exercises, guided visualizations, juicy, deep discussions on art, creativity, and the Artist Soul, paint rituals, and loads of time to sink into your own creative practice.

We will dip our brushes into our own personal narratives and welcome the spirit of Oaxaca to take us deeper into our most honest expression.

At Paint FEARLESS®, space is limited to 9 artists so you can expect loads of one-on-one guidance, support, and an intimate peek into my own creative process to inspire and uplift you.

➡️ ➡️ All levels of experience and skill levels are welcome and celebrated, but having at least one to two years of painting under your apron is highly recommended.

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We will be staying and FEARLESS® Painting in a private estate only blocks away from the bustling city square called the Zocolo.

We will be walking distance to everything, including fabulous restaurants, galleries, museums and shops.

Each room comes with a single bed and a private bathroom. The studio is located right outside your room — you can roll out of bed and paint in your pj’s!



Monday, January 8 - Sunday, January 14, 2024

Day One:  We’ll begin our adventure with tapas and orientation starting at 4 PM.

Day Two:
  Breakfast. Morning workshop & FEARLESS® Painting. Lunch. Break. Afternoon workshop & FEARLESS® Painting.

Day Three:
 Breakfast.  Walking tour of Oaxaca including stops at my favorite galleries, sites, and the art store. Lunch.  Time to wander and explore on your own.

Day Four:  Breakfast. Morning workshop & FEARLESS® Painting. Lunch. Break. Afternoon workshop & FEARLESS® Painting.

Day Five: 
Breakfast. Visit Monte Alban, Santa María Atzompa, the place of green and white clay and San Martín Tilcajete to learn how Alebrijes. Lunch also included.

Day Six:
  Breakfast. FEARLESS® Painting. Lunch. Final shows. Closing circle. Farewell dinner at Restaurante Catedral.

Day Seven:
 Check out is at 10 AM.

take time to nourish your artist soul with color, magic, adventure, & friendship

Here’s what past FEARLESS® Painters Had To Say

Becky Lewis

Going to Paint FEARLESS Mexico was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Connie is quite a special teacher. What she taught me is a living thing. It is something that will continue to grow and expand within me for the rest of my life. There are just no words big enough to describe that gift, or to thank her enough for allowing it to flow through her to me. It is about art and painting of course, but not just that. It’s about listening, really listening, and heeding your inner artist. It’s about connecting to the creative energy in all of us. It involves risk and vulnerability which can be a bit unsettling, but the other special thing about it is the amazing circle of women who share the experience with you. For me personally, to be in a circle in which you are all together, holding one another up, listening to and embracing each other’s deep feelings and desires, strengthening one another, laughing, crying , sharing, that was the most beautiful, loving, and nourishing part of all. Plus, we had a lot of fun traipsing around Oaxaca together. It is lovely, colorful, vibrant, and art is everywhere!  So, If you are ready to go deeper, to challenge and/or change yourself in some way, to reach for that missing bit that seems to perpetually elude you, then I cannot recommend this experience enough. I believe you will not only not regret it, but you will be surprised at what you discover.

Theresa Ratcliff

Paint FEARLESS is an amazing, soul stirring journey of creativity and expression. I attended Paint FEARLESS Mexico in November 2017 and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I had not painted in more than four years and was very unsure, insecure, and more than a bit intimidated about attending a workshop with a group of artists. Connie was not only supportive, but encouraging, compassionate, and understanding. As was the group of fabulous women that attended with me. Never have I felt more accepted, empowered, or inspired. I would urge any woman that is looking to find her voice, step out of the shadows, or simply find a tribe of like-minded creatives to gift themselves the boundless opportunity that is Paint FEARLESS.

Nancy B. Nolin

My experience at Paint FEARLESS Mexico is one that I will always remember and one that I intend on doing again. I was able to increase my skill level as well as learn new techniques. Connie was so supportive of each student and our various levels of experience and knowledge. I have returned using new tools, a variety of paints that I had not used before and a higher level of passion for painting. I love that I now have a new tribe of Painting Sisters and that alone was a gift that I did not expect.

Soraya Nulliah

I’ve been processing, thinking and writing about my Paint FEARLESS Mexico experience these past couple of days. I simply can’t get over how fortunate I am to have attended. To have had Connie Solera as a teacher, guide, friend, sister is invaluable. She ushered me into a higher manifestation of myself. Every time I paint now, I hear her voice telling me “trust yourself”, “let go”, “it doesn’t have to be difficult for it to be good”…and so many more of her wisdom nuggets.

I’m also so very grateful for these amazing ladies that made up our small group. Each has their own gifts and talents and have taught me something different. Something invaluable in the way I want to move in this world going forward.

And a huge thank you to Oaxaca for its sacred artistic traditions, it’s warm spirit full of love and humility and it’s beauty everywhere. So so grateful.

Marcel Nagy

Taking the risk to enroll in Paint FEARLESS Mexico was an act of Fearlessness itself. I have been following Connie for a few years and love both her painting style and her words. I had a long career as an art teacher but had gotten so off track with my own work. I really lost my way as an artist. I had been trained in Illustration and very realistic work, but it just didn’t talk to me anymore. I needed guidance, gentle pushing, a safe space, (because artists are the biggest snowflakes of all) and time to explore. I got all that with Connie. She is a talented and knowledgeable teacher, intelligent, well-rounded, and funny as hell. I didn’t know what to expect except I just wanted to make art again. I set my goal to be open to whatever came up. What happened was I started painted images that were ugly, dark, and surprising to me.

While each of the eight women were painting and dealing with their blocks, fears, and issues, I was Painting Fearlessly Ugly — both freeing and surprising. I realized too that my imagery was deeply tied into the written word. I did have an artistic voice! It was not a familiar voice, but a deeper one.

Since I have returned I have been doing a lot of writing and some painting, and doing my best not to judge what comes of it. Making art is not about the product, it is about the process. When you put your energy on the final result you loose your voice and your authenticity. I am grateful to Connie for offering this retreat and holding a creative space for us all to grow. The beautiful women who honestly and collectively shared their own strengths and insecurities, Lisa Sonora for her lively Art House, talented chefs that catered to my vegan diet, and the beautiful, colorful, rich city of Oaxaca. What an experience. I now I found my tribe. 

Helene Landry

Thank you thank you Connie for the wonderful week in Oaxaca Mexico! ! It’s difficult to find the words to describe the power of your retreat and how it has become a life changer for me and for anyone who attends them! You have a gift and lucky for me you generously spread it around like your brush on a canvas! We are forever sisters!! 

Linda Faber

Oaxaca and FEARLESS Painting was just the infusion of color, distance, camaraderie, learning ,and adventure that I needed right now. After art journaling for years, I was eager to break out into something larger and more meaningful. Connie’s enthusiasm and teaching method coaxes students to release artistic instincts that we’d been holding back, and then put it all on paper boldly, expressing emotion, color and style. The joy of living an artistic life fully for a week in Oaxaca was unmeasurable for me. No other responsibilities or concerns. Just enjoy the gourmet food, the excitement of being in Mexico among other artists with similar goals and the bliss of painting and growing every day. It was an emotional and artistic experience I will treasure always.

Denise Waldick

Thank you for bringing together this wonderful tribe of women and thank you for your generous heart and unsurpassed thoughtfulness. In just one week I have grown so much, and will forever be thankful to you for the love you have shown me.  Hope to see you sometime soon!

Jill Dawson

Thank you doesn’t capture the gratitude and appreciation I have for your ability to make me look again and again…and then again! This week with your instruction, guidance, and care I feel like I am beginning to “get the energy”!!

Lori Carruthers

Thanks for helping me to learn to connect the dots with intention and to learn what I didn’t even know I needed to learn!

Joan Gaetz

I went to Art House Oaxaca and Paint FEARLESS Mexico and I am forever changed by the experience. GO! You will be so eternally glad that you did!


When I first stepped foot in Oaxaca City in 2017...

I felt like I landed straight in one of my paintings .  The bright colors, delicious grittiness, bold traditional patterns, and the overall creative vibe that makes Oaxaca so unique had my heart at “Hola”.  From that point-on I have been visiting Oaxaca bi-annually to paint, explore, and share my great love affair with over 100 artists in my Paint FEARLESS® Mexico retreats.

If you are looking to spice up your creative practice, nourish your Artist Soul, learn about Oaxacan culture, and immerse yourself in a week of painting, painting, painting — then I invite you to join me at Paint FEARLESS® Mexico: Mythos & Magic taking place January 8-14, 2024.  This will be my 16th retreat I'm teaching in Oaxaca, Mexico. Yeah I'm seriously in love.

Feel free to REACH OUT HERE if you have any questions.


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