Rock Star

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

No Chicas!! I have not run off and joined Poison..that’s me last Halloween!

When I was in high school I played guitar. Electric guitar–a Les Paul copy to be exact. My grandfather started taking me to guitar lessons when I was in second grade. I learned theory, classical, and then my middle school self got bored. Wanted something cool. So my grandfather–who had big dreams that I’d make him big money one day—found me a total long hair, tight jeans, rocker to keep me interested in playing. I went from classical to black sabbath overnight! It was then that the guitar really became juicy to me. Being able to rock out, made the guitar come alive…and once high school rolled around, I strayed from playing covers of seventies bands, to writing my own stuff…to loving the improvisation of long melodic jams with other musicians… making the guitar sing what my heart was going through when I found myself alone in teenage angst and blues. At the time of graduation I had a dilemma. I wanted to go to college…do I focus on music or art?

Guess which one I chose?

Through my twenties I picked up the guitar less and less, but music and musicians always filled my life. When I turned thirty, I sold my electric guitar to a very nice man that promised he would take excellent care of it. I cried as I watched him walk away. It wasn’t the guitar I shed tears over…it was a dream that I was letting go of that made me a bit watery eyed.

That’s the thing about life. We can’t do everything. We just can’t.

Maybe for a short period we can do some of the things that pulls our fancy for awhile…but we can’t do all of them fully for life. Through our journey in this Creative Juicy Life, there are certain dreams, relationships, things, and places that eventually do not serve us anymore. When we watch them fade in the distance, many times it’s never the object itself we cry over. It’s those dreams that became a part of our make-up that we release into the belly of the Universe that causes our heart to cramp.

What I’ve realized recently is that some of these dreams aren’t even truly ours. They are dreams imposed on us by our family–by society–by our own fears. There comes a moment, or maybe two, ten, or more, when one needs to let those dreams fade into the horizon as we begin to walk further into our own journey of an authentic Creative Juicy Life.

But—and I need to stress a big, huge, BUT here—But even though you let the dream go—there is no need to discard the essence of what that dream brought to your life. That’s part of the Juiciness you need to keep to create a Creative Juicy Life!!

Part of adopting a new Creative Juicy Life for me is to resurrect the parts of myself that I thought I gave away when I let some dreams slip into the belly of the Universe. I may not be rocking out with long haired hotties anymore, but I’m beginning to tap back into those rock star tendencies that I had as a younger chica. The part of my heart that came alive through collaborating and creating with others. The hues of my heart that were a bit more flashy and bold.

I say the Creative Juicy Life means redefining what a rock star is to me now–in the reality of what my life is….and letting it reappear–in my art, in my relationships, in my blog, in my job.

What dreams of grandeur have you let slip into the belly of the Universe? What can you do to resurrect the essence of those dreams and live a more CREATIVE JUICY LIFE?

Peace & Love.

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