Much Better Things To Do


That’s me….actually smiling…at the end of the day at work!!

All a part of the Creative Juicy Life!

This is the second time I am attempting to write this post. The first time, I went on to bore you with details of some of the silly, asinine things being imposed on us teachers at school. I know that if you read it, you would have joined me in hee-hawin’ about how ridiculous things are. But…you see that smile above….that is purely the result of staying true to my mission to live a Creative Juicy Life. Instead of creating stories around the unpleasantries in my life right now (and I’m beginning to believe that the Creative Juicy Life will always have unpleasantries), I choose to gladly let go of those things that do not serve me or fulfill my mission to live a Creative Juicy Life. Period. End of story. Keep on rockin’!

Now here’s the kicker: it’s the stories we tell ourselves about the unpleasantries that need to go…not necessarily the unpleasantries.

Unpleasantries can be dealt with, negotiated with, possibly thrown out, and even warmed up to if we open up a bit. Unpleasantries can actually be only brief moments of time if we look at them as something needed to work through to fuel the Creative Juicy Life. Unpleasantries can awaken untouched courage, wisdom, compassion, strength, patience, and even wit. It’s true…in this past week and of half of starting back at school, I’ve begun to realize this fully…and new worlds of my own heart have revealed themselves for the first time.

The thing is…no stories. It’s kind of hard though, and it’s gonna take practice. This post is the perfect example with my need to re-do! But this is the key chicas. It’s the stories we attach to the unpleasantries that add to our unhappiness and frustration.

I have a lot of stupid stuff I need to do at work by the end of this week.—Stop right there! The Creative Juicy way of looking at this is…I have a lot of stuff to do this week. Adjectives are great for stories…especially love stories and stories about passion and adventure! Tell yourself as many of those that you want to…but in dealing with the unpleasantries of life, keep the adjectives out of your mind space, strip the story, and address what you have to do…and do it with Creative Juicy style. There are much bigger things to attend to in the Creative Juicy Life..such as your Creativity for one! And these heavy stories we keep carrying around are only sucking the juice right out of our Creative Soul.

We got better things to do. Much juicier, lively, exciting, fabulous things to do!

Peace & Love.

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