Art Is Really Important

Today, out of nowhere, this thought came to me:

What if Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela became an Art Teacher because they really, really believed Art was important?
Would they have quit, or laid down when times got tough? Would they have let the system beat them silly and carry the stress on their shoulders? Or would they have stayed focused, clear to their mission? Would they have risen above the stress and the system–and fight for what they believe in? Would they have lost some battles and won some? Would they have not let those failures kill them–but rather teach them and fuel them?
This thought really came to me….and I wondered where did my integrity go? Why did I let my own mission become hazy and scattered? Why have I backed down–just because things haven’t been to my liking…. haven’t been what I expected them to be?
This Creativity Art Thing–that’s always been my mission in life. It’s always been something I believe firmly in…something I have worked for for years–something I love to share.
Art is really important.
How did I forget that?
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