Belly Wishes

Jamie…Oh Jamie…Oh Jamie!! Miss Jamie Ridler asked us this week: What do you wish to invest in? That’s a loaded question for me.
Of course, easy answer…right?! Invest in myself.
But–more then anything, now–right NOW–I need to invest in my health. I’ve been told by three different people—-wise, wise souls—that it is time I get my health in check. All this stress and poor, impulsive choices has left my body with a layer of mushy fat that sucks my energy like a leech–and keeps me feeling less then my truest self.
I know it’s simply not healthy.
I know it’s weighing me down–keeping me from feeling my best—an obstacle from keeping me strong.
And how I want to be strong.
So, Universe…are you listening? I wish to invest in my health.

Before anything else.
(work, relationships, creativity!!!)
And if I may, I’d like to add a subscript to my wish, dear Universe. I’d like to add that in this wish–as I invest in my overall health–please help me to embrace my belly–to be kind to my stomach–to relish in my curves—all as I move forward to tone and balance my body….carefully, kindly, precisely, and always with great LOVE.
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