If I Took The Time To Notice…


I love my life.

I love each glorious second of it.

Each blessed sun kissed sacred moment.

I love it all.

But I guess if I took the time and STOPPED–

Stopped focusing on the good things–

Stopped limiting my consumption of “news”–

Stopped surrounding myself with people that see the world as a magcial, beautiful, place of possibilites and light–

Stopped reading only spiritual, uplifting, progressive blogs–

Stopped blocking all the negative updaters on Facebook and Twitter–

Stopped picking myself up after every time I fall–

Stopped believing that “bad” things happen for me and not to me–

Stopped ignoring people who only speak from fear–

Well, I guess if I did all that,

and really, really stopped to simply notice

how shitty things are in the world around me….

Really took the focus off from going inward-

And instead used my time and energy to focus on

all the horror and tragedy and terrible things happening around me.

Well, I guess I wouldn’t feel so fondly of this glorious life-

Now would I?

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