A Level Of Success



A couple days ago I followed a tweet that lead me to a blog post listing the nine things every internet business needs to do to be successful.

Who this person was–I have no idea.

And to tell the truth–the second I see a list–I pass.  I don’t bother mopping up any advice that can be neatly organized with a bunch of cutesy little bullet points.

But for some reason, this time, I indulged.  I read those nine little nuggets of things I–I as an internet business that is–should be doing to be “successful”.  And when I was finished I nervously laughed.

I laughed because I barely do any of them–except write consistently I guess.

I’m not very strategic with social networking–my newsletters are so sporadic–and even though I read a handful of blogs regularly–I rarely leave a comment.  I’m a blogging James Dean I guess.

But the thing that hit me the most was the word “expert” being thrown around like spaghetti.

Expert?  I should be writing as an expert?

Sorry, but that really makes me laugh.

I wish I could even say that I’m an expert at my own life–but that’s far from the truth, chicas.

Ok, so maybe I’m an expert at FEARLESS™ painting?  Right?

Actually–I’m always learning something new about FEARLESS™ painting with each Tribe I lead through BIG.  Saying I’m an expert at FEARLESS™ Painting would be like saying Johnny Depp and I are having a hot and heavy love affair.

But, this stupid list started to itch at me.  I started to wonder if maybe I should be doing all those 8 other things I’m not so on top of my game with.  If I should be switching things around–reassessing my idea of “success”.  I started to worry and even panic a bit—all the reasons why I never let myself indulge in any ol’ bullet pointed list online.  I started to get tangled up in self judgement and anxiety.

Than Hansel started playing some sexy Latin music.  He salsa’d his way over to me, grabbed my hips, and we began to groove.  Our living room instantly turned into a Central American cantina and I forgot about bullet points, social networking, and all that other bullshit.

I was back in my body again–back living in the present moment–back being fully, 100%, beautifully me.  Back enjoying life.

That’s all I needed.  A little rumba to knock me out of my funky funk.

And so when we were finished, I came back to my essence–back to stillness–back inward to listen to my heart.  And I remembered that I never once went into any of this to be a business.

I went into all of this to stay more fully in alignment with my truth.
To stay connected to Creative Source.
To listen to my innate wisdom–and if anything–to guide others to do the same.

So maybe there are things I should be doing to fit another person’s level of success.

But as for now, I’m doing alright fulfilling my own.

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