Total Alignment :: Balance

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

So have you jumped right in?

Have you started FEARLESS™ Painting?!?  Did you attempt to paint with an open heart leaving all the judgements, analyzing, and searching for meaning behind in the dust?

It’s not that easy, I know.  I totally understand.

But with time, practice, and a sense of lightness and joy to the whole thing—you will begin to untangle your always critical-always unsatisfied mind from your heart’s pursuit.

So when you’re ready–let’s move into the second invitation of Total Alignment: Balance.

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Have you checked out the FEARLESS™ Painting I created for this invitation?  I did everything I suggest that you do as well–hold the invitation and then just go for it–and I’ll be honest with you.

I think my painting is ridiculously ugly.  I don’t like it.

And that’s ok.

I’m ok with it even.  Actually I think it’s quite humorous! Who’s that chica in the painting suppose to be—the FEARLESS™ Incredible Hulk?!?

But here’s the thing dear friends…you don’t have to like your FEARLESS™ Painting.  You just have to paint it.  You just have to let it show up whatever way it is going to and then let it go (the essence of painting like a 5 year old!).

Remember–an open heart doesn’t judge, analyze, or seek out meaning–it simply shows up and expresses.

When approaching today’s FEARLESS™ Painting invitation remember that you don’t have to like what you are painting…you just have to paint it!  That’s what it takes to be a FEARLESS™ Painter!

Now go on!! Paint FEARLESS™!!!

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