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Nov 27, 2010

WORK I’ve been pouring my heart into painting and into creating DEEP–which happens to be the next part of the FEARLESS Painting Adventures trilogy. It will launch in January 2011–and sorry, only open to those that finished BIG! (BIG goes back on sale this Monday though!!) LOVE This is the new addition to our family…her name is Noche. (Pronounced “No-Chay”–and is the Spanish word for night.) Hansel named her Noche because she showed up on our doorstep night after night for a week until we finally gave in and made her part of the fam. She’s so unbelievably sweet…and I’m…


The Path Of A FEARLESS Painter

Nov 26, 2010

I stopped using gesso months ago. Yep, I broke the addiction some may say. I stopped using it to cover mistakes and granting me frivolous do-overs. Instead I deal with the reality that appears every moment–every second in front of me. It hasn’t been easy I’ll admit. There are moments I feel like I’m going to relapse into my old gesso slappin’ ways. But this is the path of a FEARLESS Painter I have chosen whose purpose behind each brushstroke is honest and radical self discovery. BIG will be on sale Monday….are you ready to join me?


Thank You

Nov 25, 2010

WITH THAT MOON LANGUAGE~Hafiz~ Admit something” Everyone you see, you say to them”Love me.” Of course you do not do this out loud;Otherwise,Someone would call the cops. Still though, think about this,This great pull in usTo connect. Why not become the oneWho lives with a full moon in each eyeThat is always saying, With that sweet moonLanguage, What every other eye in this worldis dying to Hear. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!Thank you for all your LOVE, support, and creativity you share with me. I certainly LOVE you true! BIG Hugs!


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