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Today’s Your Last Chance!!

Nov 30, 2010

Today is your last day to register for 21 Secrets!! This is the biggest deal of all 2010– 21 Art Journal Artists share their secrets with you–all for $59. This workshop will close though come February 1st. So be a part of it before it’s gone forever! For more information go HERE. It’s your last chance to register for Art Journal LOVE Letters as well! My first online workshop is retiring…and I will be closing it’s doors for good come January 1st. NO WAIT—I’m extending that till February 1st!!!! Since today is the last day you will ever be able…


Moments Like This

Nov 29, 2010

I’m sick. Like full blown. Been in bed for days. Flu is kicking my ass. Sick. So, in between naps I’ve been taking long hot salt and eucalyptus baths or watching tv. Well, I only watched tv once, that’s how sick I am. But what I watched really made an impression on me. I almost feel like I purposely got sick just to be able to see this television traveling show that I wouldn’t have watched if I wasn’t sick in bed. Some blonde lady with an amazing body was in Jamaica. Sorry that’s all I know of her. And…


This Is My Favorite Part!!!

Nov 29, 2010

painting by FEARLESS Painter Natasha   This is my favorite part!! The last two weeks of BIG are always my favorite. painting by FEARLESS Painter Martha Something always happens to my FEARLESS Painters. They let go a bit more. They laugh a lot more. They give themselves permission to paint BIG–to be seen–to feel like rockstars. painting by FEARLESS Painter Diane To be fully who they are. painting by FEARLESS Painter Mel And to fully pronounce their dreams. painting by FEARLESS Painter Janet Look how amazing each one of these paintings are! And please let me add….they are HUGE!!! Not…


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