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Please Pray

Nov 20, 2010

That beautiful man pictured above is Stellan Kidman. He is my friend. A fellow Artist. And one of the greatest poets alive. You can read his heart humming words HERE. But even more then that he is the great LOVE of her life–of my dear, dear sister and friend: Michelle. Who I LOVE and adore dearly. Stellan is her heart completely. They have a LOVE story that is like no other and a bond that is wrapped in divinity itself. Stellan was in a horrible car accident yesterday and is in a coma with terrible head injuries. Please light a…


Good Stuff!

Nov 20, 2010

This Artist has got me totally inspired….. This music has got me totally groovin’…. And I have a BIG surprisefor all my FEARLESS Painting email subscribers this Monday. Wanna be a part of it? Go HERE and sign up!! Now….back to painting!


How Beautiful

Nov 19, 2010

  I live and am in LOVE with a photographer. Believe me, this is not always an easy thing. I’ve had to grow comfortable with having his lens capture all the moments of my being. I’ve been forced to make amends with bed head, crusty morning mouth, and that goopy stuff that gathers in the corner of my eyes late, late at night. Because he’s going to catch it–and stare for hours on his computer at it–at me. And he’ll call me off the couch or out of the studio just to tell me how beautiful I am. How beautiful…


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