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Thank You

Nov 25, 2010

WITH THAT MOON LANGUAGE~Hafiz~ Admit something” Everyone you see, you say to them”Love me.” Of course you do not do this out loud;Otherwise,Someone would call the cops. Still though, think about this,This great pull in usTo connect. Why not become the oneWho lives with a full moon in each eyeThat is always saying, With that sweet moonLanguage, What every other eye in this worldis dying to Hear. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!Thank you for all your LOVE, support, and creativity you share with me. I certainly LOVE you true! BIG Hugs!


Me, All Teary Eyed

Nov 24, 2010

That’s me. All teary eyed. And please excuse me, but I feel the need to document this big day. This step in a new direction. This manifestation of yet another dream. Today I signed on the dotted line. I handed over some money. I made a huge commitment to myself and this wildly crazy journey I’m on. Here it is…. Next year I will officially be in a year long, highly intensive, knock-your-socks-off Yoga Teacher Training & Advance Studies program at my beloved yoga studio Yoga Pura that I have been a member of for almost five years. Year after…


I’m A Painter

Nov 24, 2010

This past weekend I was at Yoga class when this woman next to me said “hey, aren’t you that girl online? Aren’t you that painter?” And in just that moment, I felt like I stepped into something powerful. Like I put on my jacket and snuggled in warmly. “Yes. That’s me. I’m the painter.” And to share the rest of the conversation is unnecessary. The truth is I’m not a mixed media Artist, a sculptor, ceramicist, or an everyday creative. I’m a painter. And that’s how I want to be perceived. You can label me that–you can leave here knowing…


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