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IGNITE TEACher training



IGNITE is a 6-month online teacher training where you receive the tools, methods, templates, mentoring, and most of all DEEP Soul Work needed to feel confident as an Artist, lead others through the creative process powerfully, and design meaningful programs based on your own unique skills, creative process, and greatness as an Artist.

In the first half of IGNITE you'll begin by doing the contemplative work of looking inward and claiming who you are as an Artist so that you can powerfully guide others do the same.  You will create a body-of-work, clearly define the mechanics of your own creative process, and identify your unique message as an Artist. The insight and valuable information you excavate will create the foundation for your teaching  practice and structure for the eCourse you create in the second half.

In the second half of IGNITE, you will learn to create transformative eCourses by actually doing it! You will create an online eCourse while learning valuable tools, methods, practices, and insights into teaching your unique creative practice both online and in-person.

Scroll below for a summary of what you learn and receive in IGNITE.


PART 1: Embody Your Artist Soul

  • Discover powerful insights into your unique creative process, including:
    • How to identify and nourish the various phases the creative process cycles through.
    • How to work with energetic obstacles and resistance with integrity and kindness.
    • How to identify and support heart-centered, mind-centered, and body-centered artists.
    • Craft environments that support one's unique creative process.
  • Understand the energetics and philosophy behind creating intuitively. You will be able to identify the differences of working from instinct, intellect, and intuition while learning how to fuse the various energies into a nourishing, grounded creative practice.
  • Write a clear, powerful Artist bio and gain skills and experience on discussing what you do and what your work is about.
  • Identify and claim your unique greatness and gifts as an Artist.
  • Create a body-of-work that expresses your interests while elevating your personal style and voice.
  • Learn how to "love what you love" as an Artist with confidence, joy, and ease -- this is the key to being truly authentic and magnetic as an Artist and Teacher.
  • Discover what your message and mission is as an Artist.

Part 2: Create Meaningful Programs & eCOURSES

  • Gain powerful methods, techniques, and Connie Solera's proven technology used to cultivate a transformative creative experience both online and in-person.
  • Develop intuitive listening skills as the root of powerful feedback and deeper communication with your students.
  • Receive an emphasis on teaching from who you are and not just what you know. IGNITE's teaching philosophy is based in fostering full a relationship with one's creativity, NOT expertise.
  • Learn community tending skills that are grounded in cross-cultural awareness and embraces the social-political challenges we face with compassion, curiosity, and integrity.
  • Discover how to fluidly and effectively organize projects and programs.
  • Understand the professional responsibilities and ethics required as a teacher.
  • Establish systems to create professional sustainability while weaving family, work, creativity, play, and spiritual practice organically together into your teaching/business practices.
  • Explore the pros and cons of an online presence -- choosing what works best for you.
  • Learn how to use technology as a form of expression and as a powerful teaching tool.

Now is the time To be the artist you dream of being!

Here's what you receive when you say "YES" to your Artist Soul & join IGNITE

  • A life-changing professional teacher training that will provide you with the tools, support, mentoring, and sacred space needed to dive deep into your creativity, claim your authentic voice as an artist, and craft transformative workshops, retreats, and programs.
  • You receive live bi-weekly training calls hosted by Connie Solera and her Peer Mentors that are held every-other Thursday at 9 AM PDT / 12 pm EST for Q&A, discussion, and a mini-workshop. (These calls are recorded for those unable to attend.)
  • You receive two weekend online Intensives that are held Friday - Sunday ( 9 AM PST - 2 PM PST).
  • You will be assigned a Peer Mentor that is an IGNITE alumna that will provide extra support, guidance, and feedback. Your Peer Mentor has been through the process herself and trained to be a Peer Mentor by Connie personally-- so her insight and encouragement come from experience and grounded in a deeper understanding of the process.
  • Belong to an intimate Peer Council.  The Peer Councils is one of the BEST things about IGNITE! The Peer Council is a smaller, more intimate circle of peers lead by your Peer Mentor where you can dig into the mud together! IGNITE Peer Councils are still getting together regularly years later -- supporting one another, collaborating, and having fun!
  • Private online forum for receiving bi-weekly content, posting assignments, and connecting with peers. NO FACEBOOK!
  • Connie's open-heart policy -- meaning you can ask me anything about my creative, teaching, or business practice and I am happy to share honestly and transparently with you.
  • Belong to a collective of artists where you will receive opportunities to support, collaborate, and grow with one another and build friendships for life.  Currently my IGNITE grads are co-teaching with me in Monopalette
  • In successfully completing IGNITE you will receive an invitation to future IGNITE Intensives where you will deepen the work you started and receive  stronger clarity, confidence and connection to your truth and mission. 
  • In successfully completing IGNITE you will be eligible to assist Connie at her workshops and retreats, become a future IGNITE Peer Mentor, and co-teach with Connie at her Paint Wisdom Studio.
"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge" ~ Albert Einstein

IGNITE is For Artists That....

  • Possess a burning desire to empower and uplift Artists while elevating creativity.  You dream about awesome programs you want to create and the amazing people you can't wait to work with!
  • Embrace art as a contemplative, soul reflective, practice. You love finding beauty, meaning, and intuitive narratives in the work you create and you are passionate about having a creative practice.
  • Hear a calling to fully embody your Artist Soul and include teaching as part of your practice. You may not know what you want to teach -- that's totally ok and what IGNITE will help you with!
  • Have at least one year of art making under your apron and are comfortable creating a body of work on your own.
  • Are ripe and ready to fully step into your truth as an Artist and long for the support of a mentor and community. IGNITE is an experiential learning experience -- we are going to make a body of work and an eCourse together.  You must be committed to doing the work!
  • Are familiar and resonate with Connie Solera's teaching style and approach to creativity. Please take a class of mine before registering -- make sure you dig the way I teach!
  • Want to deepen your own creative practice and gain new leadership skills.
  • Primarily work in 2-D genres such as painting, drawing, art journaling, mixed-media, and/or printmaking. You do NOT have to be an expert in your genre -- all that is required is that you love what you love!
  • Struggle to call yourself an Artist  but still feel the calling SO STRONGLY -- don't worry! IGNITE will change all that!
  • Have teaching experience BUT are restless for a change or to breathe new life into your teaching practice.
  • Have a basic understanding of how to use and/or navigate technology.
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Important IGNITE Details

About Me, Connie Solera...

I love making art. I love gathering with amazing women having deep conversations, and supporting them to be creative, adventurous, and live fully and ruthlessly from their Artist Soul.  This is the love that has fueled my 25+ years career as a professional artist and teacher and I still pinch myself every time I lead one of my sold-out retreats in gorgeous places such as Sedona, Arizona, or Oaxaca, Mexico.

My first art class I ever taught was the summer before 3rd grade in my mom's garage.  I even charged a fee until too many parents complained I was taking their kiddos allowance. So what did I do? I turned it into a "non-profit" and kept on trucking! Truth is, I've been doing the same thing ever since: making art, helping others make art, and creating cool ways to bring artists together--except now I make a living out of it!

As an artist I possess a deep reverence for the craft of teaching and it's role in my creative process. My whole reason for making art is to gain insights that I can then share with my beloved students. For me teaching and art making go hand-in-hand and I have dedicated my career to helping women artists bravely be the artist they are called here to be.

I have been teaching online and in-person workshops and retreats since 2008 through my own successful, thriving business. For ten years I hosted 21 SECRETS that showcased over 300 teachers and touched thousands of artists world-wide. Not to mention 21 SECRETS was the first artist collective program online ever!!

In my earlier life I received a BA in art and art history, a post-baccalaureate in art education, and taught for over a decade at the Cleveland Museum of Art and a variety of public, parochial, and private schools in both Ohio and Arizona. On top of that I had a million-and-one art jobs in everything from gallery assistant to art handler to mural artist to costume assistant at Cleveland's Hanna theater to art assistant to renown artist Joseph Kosuth. (CLICK HERE for my full resume.)

My greatness is in designing eCourses, workshops and retreats to meet my students exactly where they are in their artistic development and help them identify, understand, and embrace their unique visual language, creative process, and path as an artist. 


Sedona retreat
Artists Need Creative Community!

One of the key elements to being a successful artist is having a thriving community of artists by your side. That is why in the IGNITE Teacher Training community is baked-right into the process!

In IGNITE each artist is paired-up with a Peer Mentor.

Peer Mentors are IGNITE grads that have been through the process, loved it, and have a sincere desire to support other women through it as well.

Also in IGNITE each artist belongs to a small, more intimate Peer Council with whom you will meet with regularly to process, share ideas, and support one another.

Ask any IGNITE grad and they'll tell you that their Peer Council was one of the most powerful and meaningful gems of being in IGNITE. Years after IGNITE is over, many Peer Councils are still going strong meeting regularly (online and in-person), collaborating, and creating magic together!

Below are the Peer Mentors joining us in IGNITE 2023.

Julie Lubbers, Tracy Buechler, Suzi Peetros, Sabine Modder, & Katherine Kinsley-Momberger
Julie Lubbers, Tracy Buechler, Suzi Peetros, Sabine Modder, & Katherine Kinsley-Momberger
Kristal Norton

IGNITE has a magical way of peeling back the layers to reveal the truth about what ya want, what you’re here to offer to the world, and how to get there is a way that is aligned with who you are. But for me, IGNITE has really been about learning to trust the way I think and do things, experiencing what its like to be fully seen for all that I am, and building authentic friendships that I know will last a lifetime.  

Hali Karla

For me, IGNITE has been about getting down to the very essence of who I am, peeling back those layers, and rediscovering and reacquainting with what my innate natural gifts are in this world… IGNITE has given me the fuel and tools to make my teaching and my creative business visions tangible, do-able, REAL in my life.

Sara Skowbo

I went into IGNITE with this vision of what I might experience. It was a grand and lofty vision, but looking back, it was quite small compared to the incredible journey that IGNITE has been! The growth and the self realization I have gained through this class is so valuable to me. I feel like a completely different person now than when I began but not because I have changed, because I have stripped away the false guards I put up and am becoming who I really am at my deepest level. I'm gaining the confidence and trust in myself to become the teacher I am meant to be. Connie does an amazing job as she guides you through this experience, holds space for your growth, and supports you through the whole process.

Dr. K. Kitts

Connie Solera’s IGNITE program is not just for artists but for all creative folk. I am a writer, scientist, and professor who has taught for over thirty years. Despite all my experience, IGNITE was worth every penny. For all the different roadblocks a creative person faces, Connie has practical exercises and activities to overcome them. First she works with you to discover how your own creative process functions so that you can maximize it. She provides you with the tools and the know-how to deal with fear and other creative blocks. She helps you to find your own greatness and demonstrates to you how and why the world needs your work. If you are not a teacher, she facilitates and encourages you to cultivate your own innate teaching and mentoring skills. She finishes the year by enabling you to develop and launch a creative business of your own. And to top it off, she does so in a positive and giving way that embodies the feminine. By living example, she proves that there are other ways to achieve success than the oversold model of scarcity and competition.

Lucy Jordan

I feel like I have grown hugely as an Artist and accepting myself as an Artist.  Now I can say it and I really feel it and I'm proud to say it.  I feel like my spiritual life is much more important than it has been for a long time...I feel like I am following my path! And since IGNITE has come into my life I have found a real tangible way to combine art and healing and I'm starting to believe in myself that I can do it! Plus I have learned an unbelievable amount of technical knowledge--- I could barely write an email before IGNITE and now I'm making videos and presentations.  I'm astonished by how much I've learned.  The standard is very high in IGNITE.

Ina Naar

When I first signed up for IGNITE I had no idea what was going to come.  I knew I had to go through this journey.  I trusted.  I now feel more in alignment with who I am. I feel more confident about what I am here to bring into the world and to be who I am.  

Deanna Jinjoe

For me personally IGNITE has meant power. Power to take action and bring my ideas into form so that I can then empower others.

Michelle Geoffroy

Through IGNITE I have reconnected with my creativity, reconnected with my spirituality, and I have reconnected with myself as an artist in a way that I haven't since I was a kid...I've gained a lot of confidence and the greatness work has been really powerful for me to shift my perspective.

Kristi Kennell

I am very grateful for my intuitive decision to join IGNITE. I knew from the beginning IGNITE had plans for me and it gave me my voice, the strength to tell my story and not be afraid. It brought me new Soul Groupies, beauties to share inspiration, share joys and share tears with...Since I came into IGNITE I am more confidant as an artist and to say it out loud. I now have a desire to show my work and share with others the healing behind art. I know that the words of my own story are the strongest and most powerful in creating anything I put forth through Kristi Kennell Studios.