Paint Riot

What To Do When You’re Feeling Creatively STUCK

Mar 28, 2017

Chris Zydel and I are back again for our second chat! And we’ll be here All. Week. Long. discussing creativity, painting, and the Feminine — all things we love, love, love and look forward to chatting more about at our upcoming Paint Riot workshop in Oakland, California this May.


How to Embrace Jealousy & Competition As An Artist

Mar 27, 2017

Wowsers!!! We’re just coming off the tail end of the #21emBODY series and BOOM! I got another inspiring series all lined up and ready to go for you today!

All this week my dear friend and creative cohort Chris Zydel and myself are going to be chatting it up here on the blog! (Be sure to skip to the bottom and sign up for notifications!)

We’re going to be talking about the things that are near and dear to us both — such as creativity, painting, and the Feminine.


#21 emBODY Ketchup Week & A New Series Starts Monday

Mar 26, 2017

This past week Life really kicked my butt.

I’m going to spare you the long list of obstacles and heart breaks it delivered and just say that in the midst of all it, I chose to honor my own personal boundaries of what I can and can’t handle.

Doing the #21emBODY Painting Challenge this month really showed me exactly how I deplete myself physically by always pushing, pushing, pushing.


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