Painting the Feminine Student Show

FALL 2020 | PART 1 OF 2

It never fails; each Painting-the-Feminine session comes with its own special magic, based on the unique blend of amazing women who show up. What unfolds during our four weeks together enriches and directly influences who I, myself, am as an artist.

It is always a great honor to host this eCourse and most of all to highlight my students in our biannual Student Show.

Because the work we do in Painting the Feminine is intimate, vulnerable and an extension of one's Soul, the Student Show is an invitation and never a requirement.

The beautiful paintings and statements you see below, demonstrate each artist's personal experience, interpretation and definition of what Painting the Feminine means to them. Enjoy!

~ Connie Solera

Untitled_Artwork 2 copy 4

Abigail Skye

Though life has been busy and I wasn't able to participate as much as I wanted to in Painting the Feminine this time around, what I did manage to create, again, reminded me of how the journeying into self never stops, it just goes on—deeper and deeper.

Painting The Feminine draws out all different facets of my personality and art-making, as is evident in these three distinctly different pieces. I love the continual surprises with creating intuitively!

During this round, I had a sense of gathering back the fragmented parts; feeling protected by unseen, guiding and loving forces, and a connection to All That Is, reflected by the rainbow color palette I was drawn to using.

As ever, a thousand thank-yous, Connie and the wonderful circle of women whom I am lucky enough each time to create alongside. The shared feminine energy is what makes Painting The Feminine so wholesome and wonderful.


Barb Morris

I am deeply grateful for this space in which to bear witness to my own strength, power and creativity, and to hold my sisters as they do the same.

What surprised me the most about my Painting the Feminine experience is that when I approach my art practice with reverence and trust, and then simply do what feels good to my soft animal body, my Feminine Wisdom always shows herself. She’s faithful, ever-present, always bearing rich surprises, guidance and self-knowledge.

Through Painting the Feminine, I learned that the marks I make matter.


Bronte McDonald

Painting the Feminine has been a wonderful journey into my inner world. It encourages painting from one's heart, allowing whatever decides to show up to enter. It has been very freeing and has allowed me to feel more confident in my abilities as an artist. I have enjoyed seeing meaning come forward when I haven't intentionally put it there.

The community Connie has created is beautiful and kind. It was so nice to have a space to be seen and not judged; somewhere to get feedback with buckets full of love and insight. I have enjoyed watching other artists’ work develop and seeing everyone’s visual languages come out so clearly.

Thanks, Connie, you're the best!


Camille Bohen

Throughout Painting the Feminine, I learned how to set a daily “rendez-vous" with my artist soul and to protect this special time of the day where my hand is connected to my heart space.

And then to witness how it impacts daily life; so many little treasures.

Thanks to you, Connie, and to this great community full of love and many colors.


Cate Frazier-Neely

I love Connie's Painting the Feminine course!

I had developed a visual language in collage and mixed media, but wanted other ways to perceive Feminine Energy in my explorations. I was surprised and awestruck by these art journal exercises and the works of others in the class!

Connie is a force of magic and love.


Cathy Murrant

Fall 2020 has been a very chaotic and noisy time in the world. Being part of Painting the Feminine has allowed me to spend time going inward—with Connie's guidance—processing my feelings in search of peace.

It isn't always easy or pretty, but it's a journey I have enjoyed and very much appreciate being part of.

Our world needs healing and one place to start is in the sharing of the feminine voice and power.


Dawn Zichko

Painting the Feminine offers a chance to rediscover the Artist's Landscape.

Each time I am in Painting the Feminine, I learn some new facet of my creativity: finding rhythm in the day, creating a body of work, deciphering my unique visual language.

It is in this space, I engage and integrate all levels of the Artist Soul, building and creating a solid foundation for good creative practice.


Heather Hoeps

Painting the Feminine became "painting the inner mystery" for me.

It was a journey towards intuitive Soul painting; a deep process of unraveling. It taught me something about painting as a language of the Soul, as a spiritual practice.

My visual language as a painter has become visible and recognizable to me over time and that is a wonderful discovery.

I feel very touched by the synchronistic and mystical experiences I had in this course, and the community is beyond anything I have every experienced in an online course.

Connie is a super passionate, open and dedicated teacher who truly loves her painters and guides from her heart. Thank you for this powerful experience!


Heather Keenan

My experience with Painting the Feminine has shown me that by trusting my artist’s soul and intuitive feelings, my work will come to life.

Doing this type of work with other women was an incredible experience; very empowering.


Holly McLaughlin

Through Painting the Feminine, I am learning that being an artist is a continuous journey.

The beauty of art lies in the process of listening to the sacred voice of the heart space and in allowing inner feelings to guide the creative flow, moment to moment.

Within this subtle space and these quiet moments, I am able to honor myself as an artist.


Jac Puntoriero

I have attended many Painting the Feminine classes with Connie, each unique with a different story to inspire.

Painting The Feminine 2020 provided me space to see my world through different eyes.

I have moved slowly this time, learning new lessons that work their magic into my everyday life as well as into my creative practice.

Painting The Feminine always reminds me of the importance of sitting with the process and following my Intuition.


Jane Bowman

So glad I signed up for a second round of Painting the Feminine. It has felt like a whirlwind of emotion for me this time.

I feel it’s because I enjoyed the time I carved out to create, and it reminded me that it’s about making my time for art a priority.

It felt exciting and overwhelming, but, I was continually reminded that the most important part is to show up.

From there, something will appear.

I appreciated the permission to let go of the pressure and create from my heart space; to be kind and gentle to myself and also at times—through a little tough love—to hold myself accountable, as creating brings me so much joy, energy and a voice.

I was also reminded that connection with other artists is key.

I was grateful for all the wisdom, support and the invitation to show up for myself.


Janel Mirendah

I create intuitive abstracts using black and white ink, and I have yearned to incorporate color into my work for a long time. I avoided doing so even while I gathered up a variety of mediums. I was well-stocked for my first time participating in Painting the Feminine after following Connie for years.

Painting The Feminine far exceeded my expectations.Connie reminded me of the joy and fun that I'd forgotten. She gave me permission to be imperfect and messy and to just paint for the nourishment of myself and my soul. I discovered the best time for me to play and experiment is at night—so important to me. And, a surprising color palette emerged!



Through Painting the Feminine, I met my Standing Artist who, I discovered, likes boldness. She paints thick lines with freedom of movement, swaying this way, twisting that way . . . until Sitting Artist calls to slow down, detail, touch lightly . . . small marks beckon another brush, calling the way within. The painting is an unfolding that takes place in front of me.

Painting The Feminine introduced both Standing Artist and Sitting Artist to my paintings. Come in and stand awhile, sit some, listen, and we will move across the paper like we have always been here. Oh! We have! Along with Hand-to-Heart, Seasons of Life, Creative Facets, and oh yeah . . . don’t forget: Breathe while drying!


Jennifer Adair Lennon

What surprised me most about my Painting the Feminine experience was how easy it was for my inner artist to jump right in and try on the essence of the teaching. I had fun and let myself do whatever I wanted to do. I allowed and followed the feelings that were rising up, right there, right then. I made junk art and didn’t attach importance. I made art that I happened to like. But I practiced at being myself and being real and connecting with the pulse within. I practiced setting down the bullshit that usually keeps me frozen. I wasn’t always successful at holding a wide, non-judgmental space for myself, but I now have a good sense that FREEDOM is the endgame.

What was also interesting, was that I thought I’d be painting images that were distinctly feminine in nature and it turns out that what happened—at least in this first go-around of the course—was me painting FROM my feminine; me tuning into ME and painting from what I was uncovering about my essence. The process was really the point for me and I loved it. I really loved it!

Connie was super inspirational in a grounded, practical way. She is an experienced guide with a heart full wisdom and a head full of knowledge; a mama bear whose protective, nurturing embrace I felt all the way over here. I’m grateful that I followed the gentle nudge of yes and took the course. It was a wonderful experience and I’ll be back for more!


Julie M Lubbers

Painting the Feminine is all about expanding the usual question I ask myself of "What do you think?" to include "How do you feel?" It is about opening a dialog with myself that seeks honest responses without the pressure to look good or say the right thing. It feels like inviting my whole self to show up and really live my life.

This was my third time taking Painting the Feminine and each session has encouraged me to deepen my creative practice. Painting and keeping a studio log has become an important and enjoyable part of my journey. Painting in the company of my fellow artists is also a nurturing experience that I am deeply grateful for.


Karen Luzny

Painting the Feminine has been the key that opens up my creativity.

I am so thankful for this nurturing community and all that it brings.

For years, I have stopped myself from creating work as I didn't think I really had anything to say with my art, but now I feel like my visual voice has finally been unlocked and I have a way to express my true self.


Kellye Crocker

My first experience with Painting the Feminine was nurturing, inspiring, healing and just plain fun! (Boy, did I need that this fall.) It also was difficult at times, cracking me open in the best ways.

Connie is a skilled, sensitive, and loving teacher who created a safe and welcoming community. My wonderful classmates taught me so much and helped me see my painting—and myself—with new eyes. Connecting with these wise women—these brave artists—was such a beautiful and important part of this experience for me.

Although I'd studied women's issues for years, and recently explored the Sacred Feminine in art, I'd never considered what Feminine Wisdom meant to me. My days are different now, thanks to Painting The Feminine. I'm living more slowly and deliberately, seeing the world holistically, honoring natural cycles and processes and questioning everything. I've discovered a Wild Woman inside me, and she's helping me paint, as Mary Oliver says, my "one wild and precious life."


LaToya Burton

Painting the Feminine meets me right where I AM.

It encourages me, challenges me, enlivens me, and connects with me in many ways.

I came ready to explore new facets of my creativity and this tied in so well with the other aspects of the Feminine I have been exploring spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

Each prompt opened a door and invited me to come to the paper in new ways.

I set myself the task of making marks I had never made before and to explore, experience and express without a predetermined destination.

I am grateful for this creative expedition—I found so much joy here—a beautiful way of creative being and practice to include in my magic bag that sustains me on my ever-unfolding journey home to Self.


Linda Close

Painting the Feminine was one of my top art classes ever!

I was able to get some beautiful clarity and a softening of the inner critic.

I found painting from the heart and moving gently between heart and head to be a most therapeutic experience and that will stay with me always.

I am most grateful for this experience.

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