Painting the Feminine Student Show

FALL 2020 | PART 2 OF 2

Thank you to everyone that joined us HERE for the first part of the  Painting The Feminine Fall Student Show. I am so thrilled you are here. Welcome back!

For the last seven years I have been hosting Painting The Feminine every Spring and Fall. Each session I'm always moved by the soulful, talented women that come to join me and I personally leave the experience a better artist myself for the time we spend painting together.

Because the work we do in Painting the Feminine is intimate, vulnerable and an extension of one's Soul, the Student Show is an invitation and never a requirement. The beautiful paintings and statements you see below, demonstrate each artist's personal experience, interpretation and definition of what Painting the Feminine means to them.

That is why it is a great honor for me to showcase the work of my Painting The Feminine Students. These women are brave and so inspiring.

~ Connie Solera


Linda Rounds-Nichols

I've participated in Connie's Painting the Feminine program a few times and keep coming back because it is so much fun!

Connie provides a open, welcoming, accepting and non-judgmental space for each artist—whether we are novices or experienced—to learn and grow.

Our growth is both inner—uncovering what’s hidden within—and outer—emerging when we show our work. We are each encouraged to be who and where we are, both in our art and in our lives.


Margot T Bigelow

This was my second Painting the Feminine, and I now understand why so many artists return to Connie’s program again and again.

Although I had access to the prompts and videos from my first time and have the ability to revisit it at any time, there is something very powerful and moving about going through the process concurrently with others.

We are none of us who we were yesterday.


Marion VandenBosch

Through Painting the Feminine, I learned that my inner critic is part of me too!

I am not her victim, I am her.

She can help me get better in what I do and not destroy me as I felt she did before.


Maureen Kelly

As we travel along life’s path, we seek knowledge and understanding of ourselves through art—both our own art and the art of others. I love Painting the Feminine. It allows me to connect with many other female artists and to journey together for awhile.

The beauty and depth of each artist’s work is compelling.

I find myself creating pieces that come from deep in my soul.

Thank you, Connie, for this class that encourages us to express our feminine wisdom through our art.


Melissa Cherry

Painting the Feminine has taught me to let my imagination run wild and my intuition to take over.

This process has encouraged me to immerse myself in a weekly practice that may involve a finished painting, or to add to a page of line, pattern and splashes of color.

I always enjoy listening to the inspiring words of wisdom from Connie’s daily posts and have learnt to let go of personal judgements and expectations throughout my journey.

I will continue making messy, yummy paintings.


Melissa Ohlman-Roberge

I’m so glad to have discovered Painting the Feminine and the amazing supportive community that it comes with.

My painting continues to evolve forward and at the same time harken back to a time when I was less self-conscious of the end result.

Thanks to Connie for her inspiration, for giving me a platform to share and a method to catalogue my work!


Missy Storrow

Continuing on in 2020 with a wonderful group of Painting-the-Feminine women, supported by Connie Solera and our Artists Souls, kept my Artist Fire burning during these strange and mysterious times.


Nancy Churchill Sexton

Painting the Feminine has been an amazing journey for me, exploring an inner world far more than ever before.

Intuitive art may have played a part in my former art activities but was certainly not something of which I was fully aware.

I am truly grateful to have been able to join in this journey with Connie and all the other "sweet painters.”


Nardja Segui

Painting the Feminine has been the best journey that I have taken creatively.

It has allowed me to go deep inside and find pieces of myself that had been lost since I was a child.

Because of that, I’m now a stronger, free-spirited individual that can love and share herself without reservations.

I didn’t quite get it the first time. This is my second time taking this course and this time was such an eye opener!

I’m just blessed I took the class again and didn’t give up.

I’m glad I followed my gut feeling that this was important and worth my time and money. I will value this class forever knowing that I did the work.

No one can do it for me. But what I paint now is for me and I’m happy!


Noelle Mercado

Painting the Feminine for me was about learning how to pick up a brush without a destination. Allowing the pure vibration of the moment, reflected in color and gesture.

There were moments when this level of vulnerability felt like dangling over a cliff!

The community of the class and Connie’s support kept me pushing through, showing up, keeping me creating.

I have learned what it means to create and maintain daily energetic graphic journals. This is a completely new way to record my life, feed my art and view my journey.


Ruth Turner

My heart is full of gratitude for Connie Solera and Painting The Feminine.

Through this workshop, I regained my conviction that process is more important than the product when it comes to expression.

My creative practice had gone stale over the past few years, but healing, hope and new energy are now manifesting in my life.

A subtle but huge shift happened; one that escapes words yet has settled into my inner being. Being with others in painting community also sparks my muse.

Thank you, Connie!


Sarah Lovato Wolfe Bailey

Painting the Feminine feeds my soul.

I LOVE the community. I love the work.

I have found taking part in Painting The Feminine helps me to deepen my connection to my creative practice and to myself.

I dedicated this practice of the past month to my family, past and present.


Sinda Wood

Each time I take Painting the Feminine, I leave a different artist than when I arrived.

I always enjoy being surrounded by other supportive women on our journey through the month.

But I return mainly for more of Connie Solera’s guidance, insight and for the superb way she keeps returning me to myself more aware of what it truly means to express an energy of intuitive magic.

From my heart to yours.


Sue Schneider

This was the second time I took Painting the Feminine.

My art is evolving as I move from so much fear to feeling a little bit of freedom in my painting.

Connie has supported my fear with compassion and grace.

I appreciate the support from the group and will take the course again.

It’s quite remarkable the shift that has occurred in the month of the course. Painting isn’t the gut-wrenching affair it once was.


Susan Rogers

Through Painting the Feminine, I was guided into a mystical space that allowed a deeper exploration of my intuition. I realized trusting the process was the first step to taking a deep dive.

The course offered a perfect balance of practical and sacred wisdom.

Amazingly, emerging images, colors and themes started to tell a story—most of which I'm still processing, but I felt a genuine heartfelt curiosity each time I faced a blank page.

Even the "junky junk" helped to deepen my practice once I released that internal Judge!

Through baby steps, I felt mentored and supported to explore this mysterious feminine and to trust in her power, whatever way that manifested on the page.

Deep gratitude to Connie and to you all.


Tara Hayden

Painting the Feminine has allowed me to be deeper in touch with the quiet place inside of myself where I can access my personal truths. I never imagined I could do this through my art!

I practice this listening in other areas of my life and now, thanks to Connie and this class, I am listening to the quiet voice on an even deeper level in my art.


Tracy Coan

Painting the Feminine took me to places within myself I didn't know existed. It opened the doors to deeper, more meaningful creativity.

Connie did a beautiful job leading us down a path to discover our own visual language and creative expression.

Painting the Feminine took me out of my head and into my heart in such a gentle, powerful way. There's no going back now!


Virginia Maxfield

Oh, Joy! This was my first experience with Painting the Feminine. I was delighted to discover that this is so much more than an online painting program for women. Painting The Feminine is soul work.

Here are some of the many gifts I received from Painting The Feminine:

Comfort: From day one, I felt supported by Connie and her tech goddess PJ. I relaxed into knowing I could work at my own pace and leave behind the need to compete or produce.

Connection: The personal messages from Connie were invaluable in helping me on my journey and the reflections we painters offered each other were immensely insightful.

Curiosity: Exploring new media was fascinating and, as images appeared, I was drawn deeper into my own visual language, my colors, my marks.

Courage: I found myself feeling braver and bolder as I painted and drew, glued patterned paper down and layered paint and pastels. I was able to invite into my art whatever feelings showed up.

Commitment: The focus on keeping a creative practice going has me so excited for the future. The rhythm of my painting space, my tools, my carving out time, my setting intentions . . . all have me thrilled about what might be next.

Thank you, Connie, for your wisdom, enthusiasm, humor, and generosity. Painting The Feminine is soul work.

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