You dream about making one happen.  I know you do!
You’ve been telling your friends forever that you will.
I bet you even have a whole vision board with photos of what it’s gonna look like.  Feel like.  Even smell like.
But you have no idea where to start, how to do it, or if anyone will actually care.  Right?!

I first started hosting workshops when I was just 20 years old, during my eight year position as an art educator for the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I was getting paid for dreaming up and putting on sold out workshops for families when their kids had off from school, or adult workshops that supported an opening of a new exhibition (that included wine of course)–and even workshops that were purely for the joy of throwing paint around.
It was in these early years of my career that I began to relish in the wisdom and fun of artists, especially women artists, gathering together to create, share, and transform.
Since then I have made workshops, creative circles, and retreats an important part of my business, career, and own personal and spiritual development.  Not only do I host workshops, creative circles, and retreats each year–but I make it my priority to attend at least two a year myself!
And I’ll be honest–I’ve also failed big time at making workshops, creative circles, and retreats happen.  Yes, I have marketed workshops that have never ever sold.  So believe me,  I’ve learned what to do–and what NOT to do too!!
But what would make me oh so happy and glow like the sun is to see more women gathering together in transformative workshops, creative circles, and retreats……so that’s why I am pouring all the experience and knowledge I have gained through my 17+ years into a 4 week eCourse that will walk you through the nuts and bolts of putting together and organizing your own transformative LIVE workshop, creative circle, or retreat for other women with ease, joy, and heart-centered intention–and hopefully save you from bombing like I’ve done a few times as well.

What will you receive?

This eCourse is composed of 4 two-hour teleconferences where I share all that I know about putting on successful workshops, creative circles, and retreats (and we will also open the circle for Q&A so you can get clarification directly from me there and then). Plus, you will also receive:

•    Valuable WORKSHEETS to help you process each teleconference.
•    A TRANSCRIPT and a downloadable RECORDING of the teleconference so you can 
return to the content again and again
•    A private peer-only Facebook COMMUNITY where you can share and collaborate with other 
women interested in making workshops, creative circles, and retreats come 
•    And my juicy Workshop, Creative Circles, & Retreats downloadable CHECK-LIST that 
you can print out and have by your side right now when you register (yes, you can see what I actually use and check when doing this for real!)
The truth is, dreams donʼt happen in a bubble–we need each other to manifest our heartʼs gifts! That is why I have created this eCourse, so that together, we can support one another in creating transformative workshops, creative circles, and retreats across the world! 

When does it start?
The best part is that we will be starting super soon!. The first teleconference will take place on Monday, October 21st at 3pm PST. If you are unable to make any of the teleconferences, please note that you will receive both an audio recording and written transcript for you to keep.
Plus, if you can’t make the calls live and have questions don’t worry: I will be opening the private Facebook group one week before we start and asking for questions from anyone unable to attend there and then (and of course you will receive all recordings and transcripts).
My mission is to help other Artists follow their calling with great ease, support, and success. I hope that you feel just as inspired as I do of the Guidebookʼs reincarnation–and that you will join me in transforming your dreams of creating live workshops, creative circles, and retreats into successful events!


Each teleconference will be visited by a special guest who will be sharing their years of expertise, wisdom, and love of creating workshops, creative circles, and retreats with us!!!

On Monday, October 21 Heather Plett will be joining our conversation on how to get clear on what your mission is behind creating your workshops, creative circles, and retreats, who your work is for, and why it’s important!

Heather Plett is a teacher, writer, coach, and conversation host. She is also a wisdom-seeker, edge-walker, community-gatherer, and story-catcher. Heather is most happy when she can gather circles of people together to share stories, ask questions, co-create, and build community. She is also very happy when she can help someone discover courage and learn to integrate head and heart. Heather is trained as an Art of Hosting and Circle practitioner, a narrative coach, and a leadership mentor. Heather host retreats and workshops, teaches writing and creativity classes, and coaches emerging leaders. Heather loves to walk labyrinths, make mandalas, and play with art supplies.

On Monday, October 28 Chris Zydel will be joining our conversation to discuss the nuts and bolts of finding that right space, knowing your limits on participants,  the joys and challenges of collaborations, and most especially the importance of having good help!  

Chris Zydel, Wild Heart Queen + founder of Creative Juices Arts, has an unshakeable faith in the power of creativity to heal hearts and to change lives. Chris also knows deep in her bones that everyone is deeply, wonderfully and gloriously creative. Chris is on a mission to prove that to the world by providing nurturing and joy-filled sanctuaries of encouragement, permission and trust in the sacred energy of play and creativity that lives inside of us all.
Chris has over 34 years of experience as a soulful creativity guide, warmly inspiring teacher and open hearted visionary leader. And she has joyfully developed many innovative retreat and workshop experiences using the power of expressive arts and the intuitive painting process. 
Chris also adores her work madly and is never happier than when she is helping people to find their way back home to their authentic creative source.

On Monday, November 4 Elizabeth Potts Weinstein will be giving us the legal low down on contracts, liability, insurance, and cancellation and refund policies.

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein is an attorney, mom, writer, and explorer.

At EPW Small Business Law PC, she helps one-person businesses transition from a big idea or a hobby business, to a *real* business, through all-inclusive flat-fee legal services and advice. As your attorney, Elizabeth is on your side — so you can do it right the first time around.

Elizabeth is also a science nerd, INFJ, HSP, and people-loving introvert, who has dedicated her life to every person on earth accepting who they really are. She thinks chocolate should be dark, tea should be loose-leaf, and you can never have too many books.

On Monday, November 11 Lisa Sonora Beam will be joining our conversation on holding space and energetic management.

Lisa Sonora Beam is a visual artist, writer and keeper of visual memoirs drawn and painted in sketchbooks. She is the author of The Creative Entrepreneur, the award-winning, bestselling book on creativity and business, and a memoir, Sketchbooks: My Personal Creative Practice. 
Originally trained as a therapist, she then worked in advertising (after playing piano in a rock band) and founded a San Francisco boutique design firm for green and social businesses. Lisa has professional degrees in Music Therapy and an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise.
A lifelong global traveler, Lisa lives in San Francisco and Mexico, and has taught creativity and business workshops for more than two decades on five continents…and counting. She is a work-in-progress, just like her art, and believes that The Most Beautiful Work of Art is You.

What are the details?

Here are the dates, times, and information that will be covered in each two hour teleconference:
Monday, October 21 at 3pm PST :: The Heartbeat Behind It All 
• What is your mission–why do you feel it’s important?

• Who is it for?

• How do you want to grow from this experience too?
Monday, October 28 at 3pm PST :: Creating The Container
•    Where to host it and how to know you found the right space.
•    An outline of things you never thought of are important (but are)–like where’s the 
•    What’s the perfect number of participants.
•    How long? How short? And what are we going to eat?
•    Collaboration or going solo?
•    Supplies, gifts, decorations, and storage oh my!
•    Help is good. Help is really good. 

Monday, November 4 at 3pm PST :: Working Out The Details With Ease & Confidence
• Contracts, insurance, & liability.

• How much to charge & what to include.

• Creating a cancellation & refund policy.

• Yummy ways to advertise and get the word out.

• Making a profit or doing it for free–things to consider. 

Monday, November 11 at 3pm PST :: Creating An Environment Of Transformation, Creativity, & Sisterhood
•  It starts with you.

• Take care of you (but it’s NOT all about you).
This eCourse will provide you with the confidence and ease to start creating that workshop, creative circle, or retreat you’ve been dreaming of–including a look into my own intimate process of doing so myself.
If your wish is to create gatherings for profit or simply for free with a group of friends–than this eCourse will help you get your ideas and dreams organized and activated into something that you can actually do with great ease and confidence.  Yes, believe me–you can create a workshop, creative circle or retreat that people will thank you for in years to come!
Though–this eCourse does NOT cover the how-to’s of actually hosting the inner workings of your workshop, creative circle, or retreat —you my dear will have to do that yourself–or wait until my next eCourse comes out (early 2014)!
But if you are feeling ready to take that next step of making your dreams of hosting a workshop, creative circle, or retreat a reality–this eCourse will provide you with loads of insight, inspiration, and real-life experience to make your dreams not just a reality but a wild, heart-opening success.

How much does it cost?
You receive 4 two-hour teleconferences, including the recordings and written transcripts, valuable worksheets to help your process, a private peer Facebook group, and my free downloadable Workshops, Creative Circles, & Retreats Checklist right now when you register….all for
Register now and you immediately receive my Workshops, Creative Circles, & Retreats checklist that I personally use in my own planning!  If you have any questions please email
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