Number EIGHT a Day Late


I really adore Miss SuZi Blu. I love her art. I love the girls she paints, the videos she makes, and the way her spirit can dance in my mind for days. She justs puts it out there. I envy how all her paintings seem to move together. How her work has been evolving since I found her on You Tube last year. I wish I could invite her over for homemade pizza, fruity red wine, and fun conversation. I wish we could paint together. Check out her blog, and you’ll fall in love also!

With that said, I’d like to introduce Number Eight in my little journey of 15 paintings. It’s a day late, because yesterday I traded giong out to eat and taking an evening cruise on our bikes with Hansel over creativity and expression. There are more things important then art.

So this time I painted on canvas board instead of paper. I started by layering strips of paper with text on it. Maybe its a little SuziBlu influence, but I’m just experimenting. There’s no monsters, or words, or even the number eight. This baby is taking a detour from paintings Numbers 15 through 9. That’s where I envy folks like SuziBlu, Blu Eyd Yogi, and Judy Wise whose work seems to have a cohesiveness to it. When I look at all my work together I see some similarity, but no real somethin-somethin that pulls it together into a unit. I thought this challenge of fifteen paintings to commemorate the fifteen last days of this school year, would bring some kind of family unity…but this little gal: Number Eight, throws things off. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. It’s kind of fun. But it’s the step child of this little series.

Truth told, I am so full of sorrow and spend most of my moments in great prayer and reflection over the souls lost and deeply hurt by the earthquake in China. Just picking up a paintbrush and blending happy colors together, safely in our little apartment, with Grey’s Anatomy playing in the background, and a brand new juicer sitting on the kitchen counter, with all my loved ones safe in their little corners of the world, and with the boredom of having the priviledge to actually sit and paint lingering around….I keep thinking of all the pain that is surfacing and crawling around the reckage on the other side of the world. It’s like I can feel it with me. I can’t help but think how blessed I am to paint. How blessed I am to afford such healthy food. How blessed I am to share my life with my true love. How blessed I am to have a job that I can share all that is good. How blessed I am to not experience such tragedy in my life. How blessed I am for yoga, my family, even this blog.

So what if my paintings have no obvious link that ties them all together. They’re created by me. That’s a strong enough blood line, if you ask me. Like I said, there are more things important then art. Even though I would consider art one of the most important things in this world. If you are reading this, please don’t forget that you are truly blessed.

Peace & Love

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