The New & Improved EIGHT

I worked into EIGHT. Truthfully, not sure if I really like this painting. It feels a little forced and contrive. But, I now consider it finished. Gonna throw it in the pile with the other ones.

I also started last night on I guess number Seven. But I have a great idea that I want to explore with this one. I don’t want it to just be one painting but in a group. Huh, where did we hear that before? I don’t mean a series, instead, I want this group of little paintings on board make up the entire painting itself. The piece I completed last night is pretty simplistic, and I’m basically playing around with color, line, pattern, and space. Going back to basics! Going back about ten years ago, when I used to paint these HUGE color field/abstract expressionist/ Helen Frankenthaleresque paintings. Those babies used to sell for hundreds of dollars in a gallery too. There’s some fun stories attached to those days too, but I’ll leave it for another post.

I’m not going to show the other painting until I get a few more brewin’. My plans for today? Take my car in for an oil change, ride my bike to yoga, work on my paintings and do some sewing, attempt to make gazpacho, juice it all day long, and in the evening hike Thunderbird Mountain again during sunset. I’ll report back later to see how well I kept to the plan!

Peace & Love.

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