Another Day in the Studio

This morning I went to Yoga class of a teacher I’ve never practiced with before. Her background is in dance, and it came through in her class. I loved how she structured the class, how she broke down the poses into fluid movements–she highlighted transitions, and created each movement of the body into an expression of its own. I walked into the Yoga studio, a bit scattered and fatigued, and left graceful and light. If you have not been opened to the world of Yoga yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Yoga has given me so much through the years, and these little surprises, like my class today, keep me wanting more.

Since then, I’ve been in my own studio..painting and putzing on the computer. Thankfully I’ve disciplined myself to stick to the former and less of the latter. I finished another funky tree painting. It’s like a sweet meditation. Just sitting cross legged on my chair. Canvas board resting on my ninety-nine cent easel from IKEA. I don’t care if no one ever likes it. Don’t care if it never makes it past my studio doors. It’s a blessing that I have this time, to just sit and paint. Scribble with pastels. Dabble in glue and paper. And make something that I totally like. Something that I would be happy to live with. Isn’t that what’s life about anyways.

So it’s been enough painting for one day. I’m craving some fresh juice. Then possibly I’ll thread up the sewing maching, or maybe run down to the coffee shop and read. I’m blessed. So, so very blessed.

Peace & Love.
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