Hamstring Mishap

Yesterday morning I went to my Yoga Flow class. Love this class…love this teacher…go to this type of class every week. For those of you that are not familiar with what a Yoga Flow class is, another name for it is Vinyasa. Basically it is a more faster, fluid moving class that all the poses are part of the sun salutation and you really work with your breath. At my school, they purposely heat up the room and turn on some rockin‘ music to go along with it. It’s a great work-out! And tons of fun! But yesterday, like every day in Flow class, I was sweating like a cold beer. The teacher guided us into triangle pose then invited us to take the bind, which is when you wrap your arms around your legs from the front to the back. That’s when, going into this bind my right foot slipped on a tiny puddle of my sweat and proceeded to slide forward, while my left leg did some wierd movement in the opposite direction and my torso fell back onto the floor, meanwhile my arms all tied up in circus freak fashion. There was this horrible “pop pop pop pop” sound, and I was a fallen pretzel in pain.

Yogi down!! Attention everyone Yogi DOWN!!!!

So, I now have a major torn right hamstring. Even today I can barely walk (I’m using my hiking trek rod as my cane!), forget bending over, sitting down is possible if I land going down sideways, getting up is an entirely different story, and it hurts. I napped most of my morning yesterday with an ice pack on it. Then I read for hours in bed throughout the afternoon fluctuating ice and heat on it. Lucky for me I’m blessed with the world’s greatest boyfriend—Hansel did everything to make sure I was comfortable and happy. He must have made me fresh juice at least a hundred times yesterday, knowing that’s my happy serum! Once it became early evening, Hansel constructed a place for me to sit with my legs elevated out in the living room. He served me dinner (thai curry vegetables with rice–plus fresh juice!!!), we watched a little tv, played a little video games, then I spent the rest of the evening hand sewing!!!
The Etsy Veg team that I recently joined has a “challenge” every month. This month’s challenge is salad. How can you make work that is inspired by or has to do with salad? Below is my entry I’m adding. I created a felt painting of a tossed salad!!! That’s not all I made…I also made tons of felt funky trees ACEO’s that I can’t wait to show you too. But I’ll wait on those till I’m all finished. 
Usually I am up in the morning by 6:30–weekday or weekend. Today I rose at 9:30. To me that’s sleeping in. But I know my body needs it. Funny thing, this injury is granting me the opportunity to sit and read for hours. I’ve started reading “Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential” by Caroline Myss, which has a lot to do with healing and things of that sort. If you click on the link for this book you’ll get an indepth description of what it’s about. I’ve read “The Anatomy of the Soul” written by this author too. She’s awesome.
So that’s it my friends…I’m going back to my chair in the living room and picking up my hand needle and thread. That will be my day.

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