Impulse Shopping is OK–When It’s Art!

I’m gonna be honest. My heart has been heavy today, and like I said, it’s been weighing down on my mind just as well. I’m not much of a shopper…I’m pretty conservative when it comes to spending. But I zoomed my morning away cruising through Etsy, and fell in total love with this print pictured above and had to buy it. I’ve always had a thing for maps. Just like the artist, I too collect those colorful National Geographic maps–especially the ones found in the old 1970’s editions. When I used to live in an old duplex in Cleveland I had a kitchen almost the size of my entire apartment now. The walls I covered in maps. I just think visually there is something about them. Even little maps you find on the back of brochures can sometimes catch my fancy.

It made me feel a bit better today to purchase this piece. I can’t wait till it arrives, and I can hang it right here next to my computer, in the studio. I always thought it would be cool to create my own maps, and I thought of using the landscape of my heart also. This artist does it so eloquently. I especially love the washes of watercolor she uses and the sweetness of the drawing.

The Artist’s Etsy name is PaintAndInk. She calls her Etsy shop: The Interimaginational Institute for Fantastical Exploration and Cartography. What a hoot! Check it out…the prices are so reasonable, and the work is completely darling.

Peace & Love.
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