Judy Wise Thank You

I’ve tried five times now to upload a photo from Judy Wise’s magnificent blog. For reasons unknown to me it”s just not working this morning. What I wanted to show was the photo of her booth at the art fair she participated in over the weekend. (Check out her Monday post, please.) First, let me state that I love Judy Wise’s work. I check her blog every single day, and am so bummed if she skips a day, just because I love viewing her journal pages, and recently all her encaustic work. Plus, she always adds a little from her wonderful life that she lives–nature walks, family, friends, conferences, etc. Good stuff all the way around!

The thing that I liked about this photo of Judy’s booth is that her work, all being encaustics, had different images and themes happening. There are purely abstract works mixed in with birds, flowers, portraits, people, babies, and very cool houses. All these different ideas and themes playing around each other and it really works. It doesn’t seem inconsistent or scattered one bit. Maybe its the color palette that is similar in all the pieces. Maybe its the fact they all are soaking in wax. Maybe it’s just because they all come from the wonderful Judy Wise.

I love painting my trees, but lately I’ve had these silly ideas to paint some other stuff–like fish and fruit, and even faces! But the thing is that at the same time I want to create a cohesive body of work. Seeing this view of Judy’s booth inspired me. It comforted me. It gave me that permission I need to just go where my fancies wish to take me. Funny how we artists can worry over such silly stuff sometimes.

Peace & Love
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