Need to Share

One of the wisest women in Blog Land is Kathrn Knoll of HearthTalks Blog. She just recently honored us with another beautiful post. Kathryn gave me permission to share her wise insight here on Dirty Footprints. This is so honest and true, that I think everyone should read it:

“The thing is, Mother Earth is changing. She is being re-configured by cosmic forces. And, she is not the only one. There is astounding new data, not covered by main stream media. that every planet in our solar system is going through a process of global warming! It has nothing to do with the burning of fossil fuels either. There is a fundamental change that is happening to our part of the cosmos, a birthing process. Consciousness is awakening in all of us. Our plant and animal kin are even more aware of it than we are and are preparing us to join in the great awakening our planet is experiencing. This is why, in the end, it is so important to tend to the environment and watch ourselves so we don’t add to the difficulty of the change we and out planet must experience. Most of all it is our heart place and the quality of our thoughts and feelings that are so important to be directing and choosing carefully. It will be the difference between a hard or soft landing, I think. There are many out there that want to keep stirring up fear and negativity. However, this is an important transition time that requires many faithful lighthouses and anchors to help keep stability and hope and kindness moving us forward. It starts for all of us by first looking in the mirror and loving who we see, and then taking that feeling into each day and looking out at our world with this same positive recognition. Because, when we arrive where we are going as a transfigured species, we want to be able to recognize the faithful companions waiting for us to realize we have come to our “sweet spot.” “

Peace & Love.
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