Oracles Among Us

It is very important to take heed of the oracles in our life. They make their way known to us in various forms and fashions: books, a conversation with a friend, a movie you never intended to watch, or simply a comment from a stranger. These oracles are real and have purpose. Their job is to point us in the right direction, give us signs, and to remind us to gaze into the crystal ball of our hearts. The problem is that many times we dismiss them as purely coincidence. Our minds try to trick us with logic and drown our intuition into thinking these incidents don’t figure into “reality”.

What is reality anyway, but just another story we tell ourselves. That is why in my story, I’m saying that the last couple days I have been visited by oracles and I’m taking notice.

Have you picked up on the changes happening over at My Path to Self blog? Things are looking different, feeling different, and they even have a new name: Shared Balance. Just yesterday, on my daily jog around my blog circle, I read Sandy’s post where she shared an email she received from The Secret. This nugget of wisdom, that I took as my first oracle of the day, was telling the world the importance of “Asking-Believing-Receiving”. Here is an excerpt that really hit home:

The ONLY thing that can ever get in the way of manifesting what you want, is having more thoughts of ‘not believing’, speaking more words of ‘not believing’, and taking more actions of ‘not believing’, than you are of believing. Base the majority of your thoughts, words, and actions in believing, and the law of attraction must obey you.Believing contains no doubt. Believing does not waiver. Believing is absolute faith. Believing remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world.”

After reading Sandy’s blog, I felt inspired–energized, like the universe is charging in the right direction. I also love the feeling of knowing that the people around me are experiencing and sharing in this energy too. So with that brewing in my soul, I went into the kitchen, threw together some lunch, and sat in front of the tv–something I rarely do. What appeared on my screen was a Born Again Christian, little redhead, 84 year old lady named Marilyn Hickey. Usually I am quick to change the channel on this kind of stuff. Though the first thing I heard Marilyn say was “All good things are suppose to happen.”

Huh. I hear you Marilyn. I’m with you so far.

Marilyn, in her baby blue power suit, went on further to exclaim how ANYTHING can be accomplished as long as we BELIEVE in Jesus Christ. Amen. We can move mountains if we believe. Amen. We can heal our bodies if we believe. Amen. We can do anything as long as we believe. Amen.

Now, I am not strongly for or strongly against organized religion. It is a path left for each individual to decide. Just simply not the path I have chosen. But lets examine what Marilyn said. You can keep “Jesus Christ” if you prefer or substitute it for “self”, “universe”, “love”, or “dreams”. Or why not just drop JC and any other label entirely and just leave it at plain ol’ believe.

I can accomplish anything because I believe. I can move mountains because I believe. I can do anything because I believe. I can heal because I believe.

Yep, Marilyn Hickey, the oddest of choices, was my next oracle to enter my day. I was fixated on this little spark plug of a lady. Marilyn made a lot of sense. She said something extremely powerful that builds on the post from Sandy’s blog.

“…Look for healing and stay in thanksgiving till manifestation comes.”

A-ha! Every little thing that happens in our life we need to be grateful for. Period. It’s living in this grace of gratitude that keeps us believing. If we stay grateful for every little brick laid down before us in our path, we will keep believing in the path.

Simple as that…gratitude is the key to believing. Think of those people in your life that have offered you sincere gratitude and thanks…you naturally want to provide them with their wishes. “Oh thank you so much for the very nice thing you did for me,” they say to you. AND you naturally keep giving to them JUST because they were grateful. AND that person, who was grateful for you, will gain trust that you will provide again. The universe works the same way. We thank her, she’s happy, she keeps coming back with more love!

Thank you Marilyn Hickey, I get it.

So, there were a couple more oracles that visited me, but I’m going to conclude this post with sweetie pie Marilyn. I think many people, and I really mean MANY–more then just the few that stroll through my blog, more then the ones we see on tv, or read in books, millions of people are feeling that its time to really believe. Believe in the true nature of self and to live the life that our self is telling us we’re suppose to live. I call mine the Creative Life, you may name yours differently. Stop doubting my friends, you are not alone. It’s time to believe, listen to those little oracles that pop up in the strangest of ways, and be thankful for it all.

Peace & Love.

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