Dancing Peacocks & Goddesses

Today is Mexico’s Independence Day….not to be mistaken for Cinco de Mayo. I attended a small event tonight with tons of Mexican food and the opportunity to see traditional, Mexican folk dancing. The best representation that I could find of the dancers tonight is in the lousy video above.

I should admit that I’m a sucker for dance….all kinds…except, maybe that Lord of the Dance stuff, but then, I’ve never seen it in person. So, with that said, my passion for dance is why I found myself in tears when the girls tonight, wearing the most mesmerizing of traditional dresses, spun in front of me like colors in a kaleidoscope. The speaker, before they began, mentioned what part of Mexico this dance originated from and how this dance was intended to be very flirtatious.

As the girls danced tonight they wore the sweetest of smiles and it was true, their dance did have such an air of flirtation to it. Their moves were fluid, flowy, and expressive. It was so much a celebration of everything girlie—packed full of vibrant colors, ruffles and ribbons!!! They looked like dancing peacocks, I thought as I sat there in my black Yoga pants and black long sleeved shirt. Nothing girlie about me, for sure.

Watching these women dance made me long for my own celebration of my femininity….it made me want to lather myself in frills and move my body in the magical fashion only women possess. Our bodies have the capacity to be so many beautiful things…nurturing, strong, vibrant, and reflective of nature–like a river, the wind, the warmth of the sun.

As women we create like nature does, our bodies express its own seasons and climates, our hearts read the signals and hear the truth that resonates deep from the core of the Earth. This special gift is called our “instinct”. That’s what makes us women. That alone is worth celebrating, flaunting, dressing up in colors and gold—we are each goddesses encompassed in flesh! How often we forget this. How often we push our instincts aside and reject our special gift like a spoiled child. How often we pick other women apart, either out loud or in our minds. Let us do something everyday that dresses our soul in frills to remind us of our special powers as women….if it be pink lipstick, colored toenails, a favorite skirt, to simply a pair of precious earrings…whatever it is that makes you feel girlie–let it be a reminder that deep inside us, that magical power that is dancing…our femininity….is more powerful then money, fame, or status. We are each goddesses encompassed in flesh!!!

Doesn’t it make you want to dance!?!?!

Peace & Love.

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