A Hazel Feeling

Something about this painting has me mesmerized tonight.
I can’t get my eyes off of it…
and from sensing the soul living behind those eyes……
My friend, the wonderful and amazing Jessie,
painted this of a shelter dog named Hazel.
I absolutely love it.

Dear ladies…bloggies…my friends…it has been one challenging week…and its almost over..but not just yet. I sit every night at the computer longing to write…but it just doesn’t work for me. I’m exhausted. Tired. Worn out. Still a bit under-the-weather, and completely not myself since I haven’t practiced Yoga in almost a week. I have really great stuff I want to express and share that is dancing around in my brain…but the words aren’t cooperating. I feel like Hazel in Jessie’s painting and I’m not even sure what that means.

Peace & Love.
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