Fall Break

Summer in the desert is brutal. You are locked in-doors for months.

All of sudden, this weekend, Autumn arrived…and the weather has been beyond beautiful…this is why people live here!! This is why the roads and highways are becoming crowded again..with all the snowbirds migrating back.

This is why I long to spend every second of my day outside!!!

Today and yesterday was my official “Fall Break”.
Early this morning Nyla and I took a long hike. Here we are at the top of one of my neighborhood mountains!!

I wanted to make a video…but the wind was crazy and loud. So I settled for a quick photo on my hike down instead.

Later, Hansel and I took a three hour bike ride along the canal here in Phoenix. There’s the water people in the desert use to drink, bathe in, and waste by the gallons.

Tomorrow back to school.

I hope you are enjoying the change of the season where you live too.

Peace & Love.

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