Happiness Comes

I keep staring at my monitor completely uninspired. So instead of my words, I will share the words of my beloved Paramhansa Yogananda:

Happiness comes, not by helplessly wishing for it, but by dreaming, thinking, and living it in all circumstance. No matter what you are doing, keep the undercurrent of happiness, the secret river of joy, flowing beneath the sands of your thoughts and the rocky soils of hard trials.

Some people smile most of the time while they hide a sorrow-corroded heart. Such people slowly pine away beneath the shadows of meaningless smiles. There are other people who smile once in a while, yet have beneath the surface a million fountains of laughing peace.

Learn to be secretly happy within your heart in spite of all circumstances, and say to yourself, “Happiness is the greatest divine birthright–the buried treasure of my soul. I have found that I am secretly rich beyond the dream of kings.”

Peace & Love.
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