For the first time in my blogging days…I’ve been tagged by Dorothy of Dream Mist Crafts! She makes some sweet little wallets and totes…plus the most darling little fabric buttons…check them out HERE.

OK..six “secrets” about me!

#1. Here’s a baby photo of me!!!

My belly hasn’t changed a bit–still got those rolls!!

#2. Here’s my senior photo. Class of 1994. What can anyone really say about their senior photo ?!?!

#3. Here is a photo of my beloved kitty Theo. A few years ago, after a night’s work at the wine bar, Hansel and I sat outside on our second story porch. Theo–his brother Vinnie, and our dog Nyla joined us there too. Now, by this time…the kitties were used to hanging out on the porch…I lived in this house for nine years…but that night/morning…around 3:30 AM–Theo decided to jump!!! Poor little dare devil broke his little paw….the emergency vet gave him the deluxe cast (at a whopping $750) lime green with adorable lady bug decal!! He’s never been the same…and we affectionately call him “The Gimp“!

#4. This is a photo of me when I danced with a modern dance troupe called MaDaCol. The chica furthest on the right–standing–is my best buddie Andrea. This photo was taken at the last part of the long dance…in this ending stance we were to look like statues straight from the Renaissance.

#5. Yes, I have a tattoo. I’m not proud of it, by no means. I was something like 17 or 18…and I got it with zero thought…both me and a boyfriend at the same time. One day I hope to make it look more pretty.

#6. I have a thing for finger puppets!! I have tons of them!

I’d like to tag a few of my blogger goddesses!!!

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C’mon Ladies!!! It’s pure fun!! Play along! I tagged you…now you’re it!

Peace & Love.

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