Etsy 101

Norm Lanier, also known as the Crafty Coach, just published a book on how to be successful on Etsy called: Etsy 101. I just finished reading it—and learned many great tips and techniques that you bet I’m going to apply to my own shop….plus, I have to add—my painting Celebration is featured on the first page of the book!!! So, all you newbies to Etsy–or even you Artists that have been hanging around for awhile wondering what you need to do to help boost sales and drive in traffic—check out Norm’s book….it’s only a cheap $9.97 and you can buy it directly on Etsy HERE.

When you’re finished, you must visit Norm’s highly informative blog on marketing one’s Art at: Crafty Coach.

I love people that help Artists! And truthfully, how many of us are real pros at all that business stuff anyways!?! Consider this purchase an investment in you–in your business!

Thanks Norm for featuring Celebration in your book!! Best of luck and great success to you!!

Peace & Love.

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